Is 10 months is long enough to plan a wedding?

October 22nd, 2010

It is going to be simple, under 200 people, church wedding, simple reception(pig roast), very little flowers and the bouqets and boutiners are going to be either fake or real, whatever is cheaper. Favors will be eatable, that way they are not wasted.

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  1. James S says:

    Why would you want to get married in the first place? Nothing but problems.

  2. justaboutpeace says:

    Yes that is long enough and you can get the list, the reception hall, and everyone together and everything together in that time provided you have the provisions (money) and that most of your guest are not traveling internationally.

  3. angeldust_599 says:

    I planned mine in 1 month…10 would be plenty. start now though for any bookings.

  4. M J says:

    oh yeah. i planned mine in 5 months. it was a medium sized wedding, nothing too huge but it was perfect! just try not to stress too much..towards the end i was about to just go to Vegas and elope because my family was driving me nuts..then i realized that as long as i was there and he was there nothing else mattered. good luck and congrats!

  5. married mum says:

    my daughter gave me 8 weeks notice that she is getting married… I am organising it all, catering myself for the reception at our house… so yes, I would have loved 10 months to do it in!! :-))) She’s known him for only 8 months… but if you know he’s the one, then he’s the one. If you find your true love, you will know pretty early on. If you have to wait years to be sure, walk away!!

  6. Bill says:

    Unless you’re a member of the royal freaking family, it’s more than enough.

  7. kill_yr_television says:

    Is 10 months long enough to plan a party? That depends on what will be involved in this party. If you’re having a few close friends over for champagne and cake at your favorite restaurant, then it’s plenty of time. If you’re having a seated dinner for 500 at a popular venue, you may have to scramble. The first stage of planning — determining just how elaborate you want the party to be and how far in advance you must make the more elaborate arrangements — can never begin too early.

  8. vle045 says:

    I did ours in 7 months

  9. abbiedarlin1 says:

    My mother in law planned her third wedding in 3 months. And it was actually quite nice. The only problem is booking. She was very limited in booking. But really, 10 months should be plenty. I’m planning mine now though and it’s just under 2 years away. Gotta get in with plenty of time for bookings for good places. Hope this helps 🙂

  10. LSU_Tiger23 says:

    It can be. My best friend planned her wedding in 10 months. You have to start booking things now. You won’t have any time to wait around.

  11. SAM1981 says:

    Yep – I have heard of people doing it in less.

  12. Sweet Pandemonium says:

    Honey, I planed mine in 1 month so you have plenty of time. 😉

  13. CBT Princess says:

    yes, it should be plenty of time. Pick your venue right away & everything else should fall into place. Congrats!

  14. RowerGirl says:

    Ten months is plenty of time to plan a wedding! My friend planned a wedding for 120 guests in just four months. It’s definitely doable – I think the average is 12 months.

  15. butterfly!11 says:

    Sure it is, I planned mine for 90 in just 4 months. I had a lot of ideas already it was just putting them in place. Go to this website for help and ideas.

  16. Pretty Blues says:

    definately! the major thing that makes planning a wedding take so long is that the venues book really far in advance, but as long as you have your locations set, that is DEFINATELY enough time. your wedding sounds really cute, congrats!

  17. Lydia says:

    Shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you can book the church/minister, caterer and location right away. For the rest, there’s plenty of time.

  18. RedSoxRock!!! says:

    you seem to know what you want so you shouldnt have any problems my sister planned hers in 5 months that was a long time ago but still she had an amazing looking wedding!

  19. freedom says:

    My son got engaged last Christmas and just got married on August 11th, plenty of time to plan a wedding.It was short and sweet and wonderful, can you tell that I am a very happy mom and very proud of him.I ended up getting married in the Mormon church and I’m not even Mormon, it was free.

  20. steph says:

    friends of mine planned theirs in like 3 months i think…

    so it just depends on while organized you are..

    i would start calling and book the place to hold the ceremony
    and reception etc

  21. letitia.calloway says:

    Yes, it is long enough to plan a wedding. Most weddings take between 8months – how ever long you want it to take.

  22. sylvia says:

    Absolutely it’s enough time!

  23. imagine0218 says:

    Sure! I’m getting married next month and everything is pretty much done. I started planning in July and even changed the venue twice.

  24. sunshinedtm4747 says:

    Yep. It’s plenty of time, if you’re going to have the money. I got engaged in April and the wedding is in December, and we’ve got most of the things done already. As long as you don’t procrastinate, you’ll be fine.

  25. MeliMel says:

    that’s plenty of time!

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