Influence of Metro- Male That Led to The Surfacing of Mens Diamond Rings

June 6th, 2011

Has it happened overnight, the metro-sexual man’s arrival? The emergence of scarves and man purses, and especially the hairstyles brought in by the sport stars such as Beckham. In fact there has been absolutely nothing that the old school of testosterone filled soldiers could do, when the mens diamond rings worn by Beckham became a huge rage among one and all. Things have changed now, and certainly for good, now it doesn’t really matter which side of the fence you’re on, you just can’t deny the fact that the influence of metro-sexual male is way too overwhelming.

Things changed dramatically for men, with Beckham bringing up new trends in hair style, many sport stars started emulating it, but the amazing thing is that the rugby players, who are considered as the most brutal ogres in sport, also started following the new trends in hairstyles and fashion accessories for men. Ever wondered what is the reason as to why the metro-male has been so successful? Well it’s because of the desires of women, who now a days look out for guys who don’t lose their physique even after they stop playing their sports. The influence of women has been so much that men’s diamond rings have certainly become an illustration of commitment and has undoubtedly become a big part of fashion diamond jewelry for men.

During World War II, wife of every soldier gave them their lover’s ring, as a reminder of someone who is waiting for them after the war. Generally those days the rings were very masculine, however things have certainly changed dramatically, with now men having big gemstones on their ring. Men’s wedding band symbolizes the marital status of the man, making every other woman know that the man is taken and that he already has a woman in his life.

The metro-male prevalence has continued strongly, with the movement from Stallone to Brosnan; men are now ready to give up some of their masculinity to the one they love. They no longer are anymore fond of being warriors with speech impediments, they now are ready to wear a men’s diamond wedding ring, thereby sacrificing a bit of their bravado to that special one.

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