I’m so depressed about my recent wedding I need advice I feel like crying :(?

July 8th, 2011

My husband I I were wed this past May 2011. We have been together for over 4 years and are incredibly in love. We decided to get married in Vegas because we wanted a quick, easy to plan wedding that wouldn’t break the bank. We wed at Treasure Island and it was a nice ceremony.

Anyway, I wasn’t too pleased with my pictures. I wish that I had spent more money on my wedding dress. I wish I had done my hair differently.
My mother in law was a nightmare and upset my entire family while we were on the vacation the day before the wedding. It was stressful.

I had my parents and my siblings attend as well as my sister in law. My husbands mom and her boyfriend came.

We don’t have a lot of friends. My husbands family is divorced and I don’t speak to most of my Dad’s side of the family and my mother’s side lives in England so I don’t even see how we could have had a big wedding anyway.

I mean, the money we spent wasn’t important to us..we have saved money for our own home which means more to us.

We didn’t even have a wedding cake. I feel sad about it. I wish I had done it differently, but I didn’t. I wish I had friends who I could have had be there for me….

I am happy that I did get a few nice pictures that I was able to frame and not be embarrassed to showcase to people.

Anyway, I keep trying to tell myself that a wedding is a day, a marriage is forever. I don’t regret marrying the man of my dreams. I like to say “I didn’t have the wedding of my dreams, but I have the marriage of my dreams” and I really do feel that way.

I feel like it’s kind of romantic since my husband is working out of province and he told me months in advance that he wouldn’t go unless we were married.

What can I do to not feel depressed? We didn’t have a buck and doe I have no one to invite I feel like I’m missing something in my life.

I was planning on buying an expensive gorgeous wedding gown and booking a photoshoot for our 1 year anniversary. I feel like that might make me feel better. Maybe even having a little wedding cake made to celebrate, just the two of us.

What do you think?

7 Responses to “I’m so depressed about my recent wedding I need advice I feel like crying :(?”

  1. DM says:

    I think you should plan the party of your dreams to celebrate your 1st or 5th anniversary and have it as a ‘wedding theme’ if it bothers you this much.

    If you are going to get an expensive gown after the fact maybe consider renting one…then, it will be less money but you can have a FABULOUS dress that you wouldn’t have afforded otherwise. Plus, it makes more sense.

    Yes, get a wedding cake for the two of you. I think it would be a lovely evening for you both.

  2. CAB says:

    I had a great wedding day but I couldn’t locate a photo album of the event if my life depended on it.
    The memories in your head are far more important than any pictures or videos that you’ll probably be displeased with and embarrassed by in the coming years anyway.
    I have one picture on display in the house and the thing about it that strikes me today is how many members of the family and wedding party are dead now.

  3. alexa says:

    If you want, you can get married again 🙂
    And since this is your “second wedding,” you don’t have to spend too much money on it and be extravagant.

  4. Ashley D says:

    I think that as long as you ended up married to the one you love, then at the end of the day, nothing else matters.

  5. truefirstedition says:

    I don’t think the wedding is actually the problem. I think the REAL problem is that your husband is working in another province and you don’t have a support group of friends and family to lean on. You don’t get along with your dad’s relatives or your in-laws, your mom’s family lives far away, and you don’t seem to have a close group of friends.

    So instead of fixating on the wedding, focus your energy on developing some relationships with people besides your husband, so that you have a network when he is away and you don’t feel lonely. With the money you saved on the wedding, sign up for a class (cooking, dancing, Spin, mixology, language, creative writing, painting, photography, anything that interests you), or get involved with your church or a local volunteer organization or a political campaign or… the possibilities are limited by your time and interests only.

    I think once you get to know people and start making friends, you’ll find that the wedding isn’t taking up space in your brain anymore.

  6. powairy says:

    As you said, you couldn’t have had a big wedding anyway. And it’s not about how big or traditional the wedding is, it is about marrying the man of your dreams and having a celebration, regardless of how many people attend.

    I *completely* understand how you feel about the pictures. Unfortunately, there’s little you can do about it. In a few years you’ll just be glad that you HAVE pictures to remember that special day. You’re husband loves you and thinks you are beautiful, and that’s all that really matters.

    Just keep reminding yourself that other options were not even feasible. You can’t magically make friends appear where there are none, and there is nothing wrong with not having a lot of friends (I only have one, other than my fiance). And I think you have some good ideas. I would definitely do the second photo shoot in order to get some photos that you feel good about, and having a beautiful little wedding cake for your first anniversary is a lovely idea! Make sure you take lots of pictures of it! And maybe you could invite what family and friends you do have to share the cake and have some champagne before you and you husband spend a romantic evening together.

  7. Kelly says:

    Toughen up buttercup.

    You’re not any less married despite how things turned out differently than you planned. Had you planned a little better you could have had a cake and better pictures. There’s lots of bakeries inside those hotels in Vegas.

    We all have some things we regret about our wedding day or things we had done differently, but life goes on. I’m not married yet but am getting married on August 6, I assume like any other wedding things will go wrong, everything isn’t going to be perfect. But the only way it will be ruined is if at the end of the day, my fiance and I aren’t married.

    Plans for your anniversary are fine. However, new pictures in a nicer gown or things like that aren’t a replacement for your wedding day. Nor is a do-over wedding.

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