I want to become a Wedding Planner. I need help picking some courses to help me learn the ins and outs.?

July 2nd, 2011

I am currently looking into Ashworth College, Penn Foster and QC School of Event Planning. I was just wondering if anyone had some personal insight on any of them. Maybe a recommendation. I’ve looked up reviews and such but I’ve found mixed for both. I can decipher if it’s real people that had good experiences or not, and the bad ones I can’t figure out if their just idiots and had issues because they didn’t make payments on time or something. Help please if you can. Also if your a mean person and just want to put your rude opinion in, just don’t, I get it if you think it’s not a good career, but I’m not looking for an easy way out, I have a full time job but am honestly interested in this profession. So I know it’s not the best but it’s what I want to do, if it’s YOUR child picking a job you don’t approve of then fine, but I’m not them, so please don’t take out your frustrations and negativity on me. Thank you all so much!

One Response to “I want to become a Wedding Planner. I need help picking some courses to help me learn the ins and outs.?”

  1. LA Boston Gal says:

    You don’t need a degree to become a Wedding planner. You need organizational skills, and contacts like crazy. You need to know people in the entertainment, clothing, design, party rental favors and food industries. You need to develop your own particular style to the Weddings you plan. First find someone who is a Wedding Planner and talk to them about what they like/dislike about their job what do they recommend for you. Then ask if you can intern for them – you won’t get paid but you’ll get more than what you’d learn in school – you’ll get hands on experience and a mentor to help you build contacts in the industry.

    Personally, I am an advocate for education and think that people with degrees will have more choices in life. With that said you can pursue any degree in arts and sciences and still work as a coordinator/planner. But you should really do an internship – that is the best way to learn a trade like Wedding Planning.

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