I want to be a wedding planner. What should I study in college?

April 6th, 2010

I know I don’t need a college degree to be a wedding planner, but I insist on having a college education.

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  1. MissHot1 says:

    you could major in hospitality, so you really know how to interact with the public

  2. Scott says:

    Hospitality, Business, Communication

    Something broad, yet specific (I know that’s a contradiction–but you will soon find out what I mean by that) that you can use to your advantage as a wedding planner.

    An important thing you will want to do is join extra curricular activities that have positions like “Events Coordinator” or “Events Planner” or something along those lines. You will learn the ins and outs of budgeting, planning events, advertising, working with other organizations (which you will do often as a wedding planner), how to work with clients and your co-workers, etc.

    The three fields I listed above will give you the necessary KNOWLEDGE you will need to become a wedding planner. Apply this knowledge by getting INVOLVED with your college and developing your character, especially traits that fine tune to successful wedding planners.

    Also look for internships or work for a wedding planner during your summers for additional experience. Lots of wedding planners go to college (so don’t worry about that), get some sort of degree in business/HBM/communication and then work for an already successful wedding planner for a couple of years to get REAL wedding planning experience (and of course to get a chance to network with photographers, videographers, accountants, etc.) and then move on to CREATE their own business!

    Good luck on your endeavors. I hope you can plan MY WEDDING (when that day comes)!

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