I need an advice regarding sex?

July 2nd, 2011

I have been with my now fiancée for about 7 years, i’m a Christian and i was involved in sex before marriage now I’ve decided that i want to wait till marriage to continue having sex because I am trying to get closer to god. Our wedding is in a year from now but he doesn’t seem to like the idea of us not having sex. Bible says that it’s wrong to have sex before marriage i know I’ve been doing but i want to get my life on track with god. My fiancée is telling me that he is not putting up with the idea of me not wanting to have sex. I feel like as if he is going to call of the engagement.

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  1. Dave87gn says:

    you can have sex.. the bible isnt god or the word of god..it was written by nameless men hundreds of years ago,..then edited..and re-edited by popes and kings…so the message has changed

    be true to yourself only

  2. Croimos14 says:

    If you’re really doing things by the book, the Bible also says you should be only marrying other Christians. If he was one I doubt you’d be having this problem. Otherwise prioritize what comes first? God, or your fiancee?

  3. Shelly Stalls says:

    God is important, but I know many christians who have before marriage. If you love your fiance and he loves you, he would be mad about this but he wouldn’t call of the engagement. A year is a long time to wait though, and if your engaged, you practically are married, you just haven’t said I do.

  4. windy says:

    It is up to you if you want to have sex or not. Don’t let anyone force you to do something you wish not to. On the other hand he will cheat or break up with you. He will not go a year without it. Just to be honest. It may be your preference doesn’t make it his ok.

  5. Grim says:

    Ha ha, you want to be close to God, yeah right my ass. Yeah, why don’t you have more sex before the marriage, keep breaking the law of your God, your all sinners. So called perfect wannabes. I got news for you, no one is perfect. Oh by the way, The women have more issue’s to the men, I suggest you don’t get married if your going to cheat on him and use him and tell your boyfriend, he is on the wrong road if you woman do some thing bad to him later down the track.

  6. khris hardman says:

    Are you serious? C’mon sex is a beautiful thing. Especially if the two of you love each other. Don’t take everything you read or hear about to literally in religion. It’s all open for interpretation. What you read and get out of the bible, someone else may get a different meaning. If he calls off the engagement then he just saved you years of unhappiness.

    Do what you feel is right and stick to your guns!

  7. Jenn says:

    if you choose to devote yourself to god for the next year to become closer with him, in a year time god is the only one you will have left cause your fiance definitely won’t be sticking around with a year of no sex. that is a long time.

    you can’t deprive him of sex, especially since you have already done the deed with him. you can worship and become closer to god in other ways without having to give up sex.

  8. BabeHart says:

    Why would a higher power, if such existed, care whether or not you had sex??? Sex was limited to marriage long ago by HUMANS because DNA testing didn’t exist and if a woman had multiple partners it could be impossible to determine who fathered her kid (and that could be important if interitance, titles, etc were involved)…

    If you want to have sex, have it…if you don’t, then don’t…your finance’ shouldn’t be cut off because you suddenly decide you want to follow your religious path differently than you have been for the past many years…it’s YOUR path, not his…

  9. alwayswvgirl says:

    The Bible is very adamant – Do NOT be unequally yoked.

    Now if he will “not put up with” not having sex with you – he is not a Christian.
    Your marriage is doomed to fail even before the wedding.

    You are marrying the WRONG man!! A REAL man would wait!

  10. Fun T says:

    Maybe there is a compromise. You have your religious ideas, but you also have had enough sex to know what it’s all about and to understand sexual need. What are your feelings about doing other things other than intercourse to relive the tension? Are you involved physically in other ways? Check out the article, “The Fleshlight can make waiting for marriage a little more fun” http://www.fleshlightconfidential.com/fleshlight-waiting-for-marriage.html for example. There are things that you can allow for him and for yourself if you’re flexible. And file this article away for the future “Fleshlight for my boyfriend?” http://www.fleshlightconfidential.com/fleshlight-for-my-boyfriend.html

    If you aren’t flexible on it though and are expecting him to make do with nothing and have done so for so long, you might both be right to give this marriage a second thought. It’s hard enough to gauge long-term sexual compatibility without ever having sex, to fundamentally disagree on whether or not sex before marriage is okay doesn’t bode well for your sexual compatibility. If you disagree on this sexually, what are you going to disagree on once you do start having sex. What if he realizes in a year or so that he likes to be dominated and you’re totally uncomfortable with that. What then?

    Just something to think about. I’m not saying you have to absolutely give it up, but if you feel like you can be fun in bed no matter what (give the scenario above) showing that you’re flexible and interested in his sexual pleasure now (whether you propose the use of toys or something else) might be a good compromise. And if marriage isn’t about compromise, what is it all about?

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