I lost virginity in Nov2007.Im marrying in Dec2009,will my husband know that im not virgin & how to hide?

May 14th, 2011

I have had sex 3 times in my life, first time in Nov 2006 and then 2 times, a year later, in Nov 2007.It was very painful the first time, but I did not bleed then.The 2nd and 3rd time, it was again painful, but not as much as first time and took my boyfriend less time to penetrate.The problem is that I will be getting married in Dec 2009 to a guy who would never accept that I have had sex before my marriage.If i dont masturbate or have any sex now, ever again, for coming two years, till my marriage, will my husband know on the wedding night that i’m not a virgin? Would the penetration be very easy and would he understand that iv had sex before?I wont let him see my vagina before we make love on the wedding night,so would he be able to tell that iv had sex before?Is there anything i can do to make my vagina tight as before in these coming 2 years?Im very worried because I lov him a lot and dont want to lose him becoz of my stupid past mistakes.Replies would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

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  1. Bryony N says:

    Should you be lying to him even before you’re married? If he loves you surely he wouldnt mind?

  2. teenage_dirtbag says:

    oh my dear sweet drunk homeless jesus… how old are you??

  3. MRSA Girl says:

    If you are not a virgin and you are marrying a man who would never accept that you had sex before marriage, you are beginning a life partnership in a lie.
    Re-think things honey.

  4. d_and_n5000 says:

    Hon, if he loves you, he won’t care you’re not a virgin. If he does care…well, he needs a nice wakeup call to whatever religion he practices(i’m assuming he does, btw) – because most of the ones I can think of are generally forgiving of sins.

  5. Merve says:

    Is your future husband a virgin? Would you marry him if he wasn’t? If he really is as you say, I think he is a scudge monkey and you should drop him. Actually, I think he is an elephant’s hiney – your should melt him.

    What in the name of sweet baby Jesus is wrong with you girl-child? This is like 2007 – almost 2008. What kind of sideshow zoo-monkey freak are you marrying?

  6. dovebird says:

    why do you feel the need to lye to your husband about your virginity. he should accept you regardless after all you are getting married??????????you shouldn’t marry a guy you can’t accept that his future wife is not a virgin. you should just dump the guy if he’s that judgmental and close minded

  7. Chris E says:

    a marriage based on lies is not getting off to a very good start. be honest with your bf. if he really loves you he will understand. people change as they age , they become wiser.

  8. minstrelboy says:

    wow. so, HE thinks sex before marriage is a sin. i’m sure he would much rather prefer to be lied to. no guy will ever know if you’re a virgin or not, unless he drags you into the gynecologists office and has them check you out. but, if you’re starting the relationship out on a deceptive foot, you should step back and reevaluate why it is that you want to be in a relationship with someone you can’t be honest with.

  9. Morgenstern says:

    Unfortunately there’s nothing u can do 4 him not 2 notice ur not a virgin no more. Anyways, if he really luvs u he shoud not mind. I’d advice u 2 tell him the truth

  10. piercedprincess59 says:

    Wellllll…….First of all, if your husband to be really loved you, your past would be part of who you are today, the person he “loves” and he would not be able to hold it against you. Unless he is a doctor, or carries around a speculum with him, he will not be able to tell you are not a virgin. Your hymen ( the membrane that stretches across the vaginal canal) is generally broken before you have sex for the first time, by playing sports, riding a bike, normal every day activities. If you have only had sex the three times, I would not be worried about your vagina not being as tight, unless you did Ron Jeremy…….but you can do Kegals to help with added tightness and bladder control as an added bonus. To do a Kegal, you need to flex the internal muscle that would control the flow of urine, as if you wanted to stop peeing in mid flow. Do a few of these a day, work up to as many as thirty, and they help maintain the vaginal muscles. I really hope your husband to be has also saved himself for marriage, as it would be ridiculous for him to impose these expectations on you, if he had not. Hope this helps, and all works out for you.

  11. Terri says:

    Sex November 2007, so that means you’ve CHEATED on your husband.

    Way to go. Sleeping around. Hopefully he find out and calls it off.

    That is the worst thing to do, start off your marriage with a lie.

  12. Shelly K says:

    You are making a HUGE mistake. NOt only for you but for your future husband as well. Is this a religion thing–not wanting to marry someone who is not a virgin. He is not going to know if you had sex prior to marriage unless you tell him. Don’t know how old you are but you have been very shelterd. You may think you have made a mistake and maybe you have but he is not the one for you. You may think you love him so much and I am sure you do but come on marriage is a serious step and it is obvious that love is blind for you. Call OFF the wedding. If you lie to him now about this what else will you lie to him about and when he finds out it will cause a huge fight I am sure. Be a grown up and be honest. It doesn’t sound like this future marriage has a solid foundation. You both need to find the right person.

  13. ***Just me**** says:

    How long have you and your fiancee been together because if you had sex last month then you either cheated on your fiancee or you haven’t been together very long to already plan on getting married.

    I am assuming the person you had sex with is not your fiancee so I suggest you tell him because else you will be lying to him for the rest of your life and that is no way to live.

  14. aelp says:

    Wow, if you’re getting married without discussing this you’re very immature and not completely devoted to him.

    What if he tells you he isn’t a virgin, would you ditch him?

    This isn’t about the sex… this is about your unwillingness to have a real relationship.

  15. Jme says:

    What I’m thinking is… you’re crazy for lying to him.. but to answer your question………

    If your future husband doesn’t believe in sex before marriage, then he’s a virgin? If this is the case, he probably doesn’t know what a vagina feels like that’s had sex 3 times or never. If you don’t have sex for 2 years, you will be just as tight as you were… But if he doesn’t know what “popping a cherry” feels like or knows what happens, then he may never know.

    Regardless of this…. I wouldn’t marry into lies.
    It’s a bad start and will eat at you until you tell him…..and by then you may be married, pregnant….and breaking up a family. Tell him before you get married. :o)

  16. tiny20 says:

    tell himthat u were phisically active in sports and used to play foot ball and lots of running so ur vagina broke means ur hymen broke in this way u can protect ur self.
    or u have to tell ur hubby frankly there is no problem bcoz now a days lots of people do it bfore marriage.

  17. cassaliese says:

    that will be a great relationship, your not even married and your already lying to him, what kind of person are you? If he isn’t going to accept you as you are, than you shouldn’t get married to him, cause lying never pays off, you will get caught up eventually. your sick.

  18. Krissy says:

    If you can’t be honest enough to tell him you aren’t a virgin then you don’t need to get married.

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