I have a question about what gift to get for a bridal shower…?

June 28th, 2011

I have heard people say that a bridal shower is strictly for the bride and to get her something like lingere or something sexy and fun. I have also heard that you should get her something off her registry. The bridal shower invitation listed where she is registered. Am I expected to get her two gifts from her registry, one for the shower and one for the wedding??

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  1. nicole r says:

    Not unless you want to get her 2 items.

  2. sooner_buckeye79 says:

    Yes. Youre suppose to get the bride something “personal” that is just for her then get a gift for the new couple at the wedding. A suggestion would be a gift card to Victorias Secret or some “smell good stuff”. For the wedding…I would try his and her personalized terry bathrobes. Theyre different and can be used for years to come.

  3. dkhae1 says:

    If you go to the shower you should bring a gift. But then you don’t have to bring a gift to the wedding. One is plenty. If you want to get something personal for her on her shower go ahead. But it isn’t expected. And since she put where they were registered on the invitation she will probably expect to get something off of that.

  4. bluez says:

    You don’t have to get two gifts off of the registry….get her one off the registry for her shower (or you can get her something not on the registry) and give them cash for the wedding……or you can get her 2 gifts…its up to you.

  5. kill_yr_television says:

    What a bride may expect and what is correct are often two very different things. While this bride may earnestly WISH to receive those items for which she registered, she must settle for whatever the shower guests are kind enough to give. If you prefer to give a gift that is NOT on her registry, do so.

    A shower, a housewarming, or children’s birthday party are the only social occasions for which a gift is mandatory. (A rent party is properly a fund raiser, not a social occasion.) If you feel that you have exhausted your generous impulses (and/or discharged your sense of obligation) in giving a fine shower gift, there is no need to provide yet another gift for the wedding.

  6. Emma P. says:

    She will probably get alot of lingere try for kute pjs instead

  7. Winegirl says:

    Unfortunately, you are expected to give a gift at both occasions. However, if money is a problem, most brides would rather you show up at the events to help them celebrate, then not attend because you can’t afford the gift(s). If the bride is offended that you don’t bring a gift, then she’s probably too shallow and wouldn’t appreciate the penny pinching you’d have to go through to get her a gift.

    Now days, the showers are starting to be a way of helping the new couple get their new home set up. So the registry is usually items they’ve both chosen. However, you aren’t required to buy from the registry for the shower or wedding gifts.

    Then, there’s often a 3rd shower, referred to now as a bachlorette party. It’s at this event where you would give the bride the personal intimate items just for her. However, if they aren’t having a bachlorette party, then it’s appropriate to give these types of gifts at the bridal shower.

    At the wedding, you can get another gift from the registry. However, most average couples are hoping for cash…although they won’t admit it. Many couples are having to pay for the weddings themselves. Not like the old days when the parents flipped the bill. So gifts of cash which generally cover the cost of your attendence to the reception is a good rule of thumb.

    But again, if you can’t afford to and would skip putting food on the table or paying the rent/mortgage, I nice card with a heartfelt note and your presence is good too.

  8. Padmini D says:

    you can just get her something from the registry

  9. Kristin_Eggs says:

    Not neccesarily. I would give you this advice. Get a gift bag and fill it with fun things they can have for on their honeymoon. So it’s like a honeymoon kit. I would put some martinellis sparkling cider, some of their favorite treats, some cheap wine glasses, gum, a candle, mints, maybe some k-y- jelly, some sexy underwear for her….stuff like that…maybe even a fun movie for them to watch. Everyone looks forward to the honeymoon and everyone I’ve gotten this for has really seemed to have liked it. Good luck! 🙂

  10. caring_brezzy says:

    Normally, you do give a gift for both the shower and the wedding. But, if you would rather put the money together for one big present that can also be done. Also the shower isn’t to give personal items unless it is a personal shower. Otherwise a shower is to give household items.

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