I do not want to take a pregnancy test and be disappointed, your opinion?

May 25th, 2011

I do not have regular periods, so that is hard to start by, Me and my husband have A LOT OF SEX (newly weds) we decided not to use protection, because we didnt think i could get pregnant easy with my irregular periods and if we did then it would be a blessing.lately ive been feeling bubbles in my stomach and hearing weird sounds EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE. the sounds are not every day at all. i dont really have an appetite which is weird. im cramping really low and my stomach gets upset, it gets really bad when im trying to sleep on my stomach, im awful tired but yet i cant sleep at night. I NEVER get heartburn and lately ive been getting it an awful lot i think, im really not sure what it feels like, it kinda feels like i have to burp but it wont come out in my throat/chest and it burns. I can smell food from a mile away(: but i dont know if thats my normal. my mother said something about my face and legs being swollen the other day? but i also have been having a lot of trouble with sinus’s. I went to the doctor about a month ago and they made me pee in a cup. she said she was looking ectopic pregnancy.. I just im not sure… advice? no rude comments or links please!
i also have been have bad aches and pains): from the very low point in my back to the middle.also ive been breaking out more than usual.

3 Responses to “I do not want to take a pregnancy test and be disappointed, your opinion?”

  1. Mama says:

    Well for starters, have you missed a period? I know you said that you have irregular periods but you should be able to have some indication on how long it has been since your last period. I have irregular periods also and its a myth that irregular periods make it hard to conceive. Its hard to pinpoint when you ovulate but most women still ovulate. I will tell you this some of your symptoms point to pregnancy (the smelling from a long distance and heartburn) but most of your symptoms aren’t. The only way to really tell is to just take a test. Just tell yourself its going to be negative and then maybe you won’t be disappointed. Good Luck!

  2. Angela Feldkamp says:

    i know how you feel every month comes and goes and when I am late I dread getting that BFN. I think you should take a test your self if you are still worried go back to the dr. Better to know if you are then to not know and something go wrong. Good Luck sweets. I hope everything works out.

  3. Lovely_Lady says:

    It sounds to me like your period is taking longer than usual.
    I have the same issue as you with irregular periods that are anywhere from 28 days – 45 days apart. I have two kids and was never able to plan them through my period because it has always been so irregular. Keep having sex and enjoy eachother the baby will come. (TIP: After he ejaculates in you keep your legs elevated for 15 minutes to allow the sperm to swim, this helped me both times!)

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