I am planning the cheapest wedding possible, any suggestions?

May 12th, 2011

My BF and I are flat broke. He wants a more traditioanl wedding, I just wanna go to the courthouse.
What are some really really cheap wedding reception ideas that dont seem too ghetto ( I dont want to do this in the park) but somewhere outdoors would be nice..
any ideas??

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  1. Crab Nicholson says:

    Shotgun wedding.

  2. Salt and Peppy says:

    Maybe you can borrow a family member’s back yard? Also, if you know someone who can make cakes, it will a whole lot cheaper than a traditional wedding cake.

  3. Jen says:

    I’m not sure where you live, what the weather is like or what time of year you are planning to get married, but a friend of mine had a cookout at a local lake and it was AWESOME!! It was a lot of fun, it was inexpensive and we all helped out by bringing a side dish to take some of the stress off her…she rented a huge picnic shelter for the day for about $100 and decorated it in her wedding colors…she was married in a church and just had the reception there but you could even implement the ceremony there overlooking the lake…utilize natural beauty in every way possible…

    Another option is maybe in a resort area or mountains if any are near you…my husband and I renewed our vows in a gazebo on the side of the mountain in Gatlinburg, TN…$200 covered the ceremony, a few pictures and a small cake and then we just met at a favorite steak-house with our family after…it was inexpensive and fun…

  4. Tizme says:

    Free places: Backyards, park, beach
    Food: Get your friends / family to each bring a casserole, some salads, some appys, set up the bbq
    Decor: Get an extension cord, run some Christmas lights, get some cheap paper lanterns from the dollar store and hang them from the trees
    Send out evites instead of invitations
    Rent a dress, or borrow one
    Find a friend who can make a cake, or bake cupcakes (very trendy)
    Get friends to bring their cameras and send you pics online, you can print them late rwhen you have money.
    Use your ipods for music
    Flowers – do a night raid at your neighbours rose garden! Just kidding. Sorry I can’t help you with this idea.

    Good luck, it can be done and it can be done nicely. Have fun and enjoy your day.

  5. . says:

    What’s the max amount you’re willing to spend? That will give us a better idea of suggestions for your wedding. Good luck.

  6. Tiger by the Tail says:

    If you want it really cheap skip the reception, its not required.

  7. iloveweddings says:


    If you are flat broke, then why are you even thinking about a wedding? Why not wait until you are on better footing financially?

    If you still want to be married, then the cheapest way would be for the two of you to go to the courthouse and then go out for a nice dinner after.

    You say that you don’t want a park, which if fine because even at a park you are looking at obtaining a permit (probably around $30) or so. The only free place would be in someone’s backyard (a friend or relative?) You can have your wedding and a small reception after. The cheapest would be to have a cake and punch reception. Also remember that you need to pay an officiant (approx. $50-$100….possibly more), and pay for your wedding license (about $25-$50 depending on where you live.)

  8. Kennly Yakamoto says:

    Hi there,
    Congrats on your engagement!

    There is nothing wrong having a courthouse wedding first and then planning for a “real” wedding later.

    Anyhow, as far as cheap and outdoors, there are many public parks which are beautiful. If you live near a beach, that might be nice too. And free: just find some people to go early in the morning to reserve for you.

    Barring that, when people are low on budget, I always advice to make the wedding as personal as possible. The more personal the wedding, the more people get to know about you and your new husband, the more I think people can overlook costs.

    As an example, a friend of mine used a small shotglass of jelly bellies as a wedding favor. Cheap right? But then they explained how when they first met, she was working as a secretary at the front desk. He was an engineer. She would leave jelly bellies out for people. He would always go and grab some because he loved jelly bellies and then he would sit and chat with her.

    In reality, he actually did not like jelly bellies and used that as an excuse to talk to her. But she didn’t know that and as they started dating she would always bring him jelly bellies.

    CUTE! Right?

    So think about that – is there some place very special in your heart that could double as a wedding location that would be inexpensive? A movie theater? A restaurant? Is there a story that can go with it?

    That is one way to make weddings cheaper AND fun.

    Good luck!

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