i am planning my wedding in 3 months…?

October 19th, 2010

I have set a date for april 17th of this year I am getting married at my church, awaiting for an answer about a center for the reception. If that doesn’t come through then I will have my reception at my church’s fellowship hall, picked out my colors which is two shades of blue and white, pick out bridesmaids dresses and maid of honor dresses, all are the same dress just a different color, i have someone doing video, in the process of booking a photographer, still looking for my dress, and have to get flowers and shoes and all is there anything else i need to do

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  1. prplfae says:

    Pick a caterer and alcohol if your having it, a dj, decorations. send out invites etc

  2. alexis88883 says:

    Get your wedding dress (soon because it can take months to order it)
    pick tuxes for the men
    pick gifts for your bridal party
    put a place for the rehearsal dinner
    find your garter
    get his wedding ring
    pick a honeymoon destination
    register at some stores
    do “save the dates” ASAP
    get invitations printed and mailed soon
    pick a caterer
    do engagement photos
    pick a theme for the reception
    get the decorations for the reception
    find a bartender
    pick napkins for the reception
    print the program for the wedding

    still thinking….

    My daughter is getting married that same day. She has been planning it for a year. She got a web site for weddings, It helped a lot on keeping her on track with their reminders.

  3. Janvier says:

    If you want to have a rehearsal dinner, make sure you book those reservations in advance, and make sure the place can accommodate what ever size party you have. Make sure the groom and his groomsmen have been properly fitted for their tux. You’ve probably already thought about how you want the reception hall decorated if you’ve thought of color schemes so thats probably taken care of. You sound as if you have everything under control girl so just take a deep breath and enjoy the engaged stage.

  4. purr_nicious says:

    You need to send out your invites asap, did the officiant/pastor agree to perform the ceremony? The groom needs to choose his suit/tux. Do you have a caterer, DJ, wedding bands, limo, hair/makeup artist, chosen the music for the ceremony and first dance, chosen a bakery for the cake, centerpieces and favors? Good luck!

  5. BUStudent says:

    I highly recommend theknot.com, if you sign up (its free) they have a wedding checklist. It includes all the things that you will probably need for the wedding. I would look on there. But the dress is the most important right now for you, my friend and I bought hers for $100 last week from the David’s Bridal, and it is taking them one month to do the sides and some more time to put in a lace-up back (it was a bit small). But that was one that was in-stock and she went to the alterations in 3 days. Soon it will be prom season and seamstresses and shops will be extra busy. So if you don’t get a dress soon you might have to pay an extra rush charge if you order it or it needs to be altered. Finding a hairdresser is a good idea also, it is sometimes hard to find ones willing to do bridal hair, I know! My FSIL’s hairdresser canceled last minute and we had 2 weeks to find one, I had to call tons of places before I found one who would do it.

  6. JoKTM says:

    You don’t have to do Save the dates, engagement photos or anything else you don’t want to. I went to party city for cups, plates and napkins. I had a dessert only reception so my wedding cake and grooms cake were ordered but my aunt made everything else. So if you want a caterer you can or you can just have appetizers and stuff your family can make. Make sure you have a cake serving set I got mine from Hobby Lobby and you will need a punch bowl. If you go to a small flower shop that doesn’t specialize in wedding it will be cheaper and the same thing goes for the bakery. Shoes are easy.
    Basically go to party city and pick up the wedding bubbles for when you leave, the napkins,plates,garter, champagne flutes even if you will not be drinking Champagne, the cake serving set, guest book and pen, unity candle if you want one and decorations.
    You can use your car you don’t need a limo, my hair was done at Regis, my moms friend did my make up, you don’t need a dj unless you want one and I had my rehersal dinner at a mexican food restaurant which was not a chain so making a reservation was no big deal.

  7. Stephanie says:

    The best thing to do would be to download to a checklist to make sure you’re not missing anything. You can get one here.


  8. ahhitskenzie says:

    think about wedding cake and flowers the are the most important part!

  9. ♥ I drank the kool-aid ♥ says:

    a wedding cake

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