I am going to a lingerie shower this Friday and the bride is a plus size gal?

April 20th, 2011

So I am excited to go my first lingerie shower this Friday. The bride is a beautiful size 26 girl. BUT the problem is I am having a hard time finding something for her. I see alot of older women stuff, but I want her to have something her own age level type thing if you know what I mean. I don’t want her to have granny panties if that makes sense. Help!?!?!

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  1. Shan says:

    try Torrid. They have plus sized trendy clothes and lingerie you shouldn’t have a problem finding something there

  2. thedreamweaverwolf says:

    check places like walmart target

  3. Doom says:

    Torrid is definitely a good option, also the brand Cacique has some really cute stuff.

    I have to say, (being a plus size girl myself) the bride is lucky to have such a nice and supportive friend as you. You rock, Calling her beautiful in public and wanting her help her have a fun party with cute clothes. 😀

  4. CC says:

    ah man…you should have started shopping earlier…there are so many online plus size stores that sell great lingerie…and not granny panties

    Since it’s too late to shop online..my suggestion is to call all the stores in your area and see if they sell lingerie size 26. It will save you time and gas to just call them. Don’t focus just on lingerie shops..also call woman’s clothing stores. They all (or mostly) have sexy bra, panties, lingerie, and robes.

    If you absolutely can’t find anything..go to an adult store and buy her toys…or if you want to be more modest…you can get lotions, oils, feathers..that sorta thing.

  5. Kelly says:

    Assuming you can get it shipped by Friday try checking out Amazon.com they have plus sized lingerie.

    Others are:


    Plus sized for lingerie is often labeled as “queen size” on sites who sell lingerie for all sizes of women.

    Also check out stores like Fashion Bug or Lane Bryant who cater to plus sized women.

  6. Savage Action says:

    Get her thongs!

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