I am 23 yrs old & Can`t Have Sex or Love Either , What to Do To keep going on Life Without Going Mad?

May 1st, 2011

i am 23 yrs old “male”
from Egypt “Middle east,Africa”
and i never have sex before
here in my country .one can not have sex until he get marriage “This our Traditions And religion no problem with that”
but to get marriage you have to get big money to afford marriage needs “apartment,furniture , wedding, ……….etc”
And i cant do this cause i just finish my study in college
& start to work with low salary “generally salaries low in my country”
i can be patient for sex for a while………….”but not long”
But the big issue with me i can not be patient for love & feelings
love is important in humans life
1-What i can do? i need help and advice from anyone please.
2-how to bear without sex?

3 Responses to “I am 23 yrs old & Can`t Have Sex or Love Either , What to Do To keep going on Life Without Going Mad?”

  1. Ө αυ∂яєу Ө says:

    I think waiting until you’re married is a wonderful thing.
    Concentrate on your studies & build a nice future for yourself & your future wife

  2. Gavin R says:

    I deeply sympathize. As for the sex, can’t you find a sex worker? I know in Iran there is a legal fiction that allows for this – it’s called marriage for a day. Just be sure to use a condom.
    As for finding love, this is more difficult. Try a dating site like match.com There are dating sites that cater to Muslims. Just be careful of men pretending to me women on these sites – these are con artists who will rob you blind if you let them. Never send anyone (individual) your personal financial info. It is also wise to use a fake name and a fake birthday on online dating sites, as hackers are after this kind of info, and if your info is false, they’re unable to use you. Just make sure you state your real age in years (it’s not right to lie to potential mates about your age).
    Good luck!

  3. Jman says:

    Im sorry to hear that ..but love and relationship are such basic needs for human beings. I admire your resolve and wish you all the best of luck. But as you say you cannot be patient for love..i recommend you start looking for a partner. you could try looking online at some dating sites to see if you can find anyone. As for the sex…I seriously don’t know what to say. You are bent on adhering to your belief so i hope that you find someone soon that you will love and that will love you back. All the best

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