How to plan a wedding in Philippines?

July 8th, 2011

I would like to get married in the Philippines in an area like Palawan.

What is the best way of booking something like this?

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  1. Jenny says:

    Decide first if your having church wedding, casual and small wedding, Christmas wedding, Civil-partnership, colour theme wedding, formal wedding, modern wedding, beach wedding, outdoor wedding or summer wedding. Too many types of wedding. It may takes months or year to plan a perfect wedding. Especially if your are not a residence in Palawan.

    Before you can proceed to the next steps you need to stay in Palawan and comply all necessary documents for your wedding.

    You have to look for reception.
    Then make invitation cards.
    It’s a long-long process and planning.

  2. Jacinto Luis Smells Adobo says:

    You did not mention if your future wife is Filipina. If she is, enlist her circle of friends and relatives to help in the planning. You will save much. Other wise, you can enlist the hotel management in the area to help you. Typical Filipino weddings are relatively larger by western standards. Good luck and enjoy the moment.

  3. lakwatsa says:

    Your bride should know how to organize it, with the help of family and friends. Failing that, you can hire a wedding planner/coordinator, and give your specs – – which part of Palawan – – – beach? How many guests are expected? What is the theme? Do you want the planner to book all your venues? Church, reception, or beach. Book your honeymoon? Arrange flight/and or accommodations for guests?

    This is major work if you intend to get married in a place you don’t know much of. So wedding planners would be essential.

    Here are some you may want to explore :

  4. lolit says:

    we have nowadasys several wedding planners . just contact them . you provide them informations like how many visitors you expect . what is your motif . how many menus . then they would gladly arrange it for you .

  5. Big deal says:

    If she is Filipina best she and her mother plan the wedding and reception.

  6. nor says:

    Easiest way is to get a wedding planner to take care of the suppliers – venue, decor, food, invitation cards, souvenirs, couture, flowers, photographer, videographer, lights and sounds, transportation, music, performers. All you have to bother with are details such as guest list, budget, entourage list, theme/color motif, style of wedding outfits.

    Note that Catholic priests do not officiate weddings outside of the church — in short, beach weddings, hotel weddings, and garden weddings are not performed by priests. On the other hand, protestant and born again Christian pastors do. Check legal requirements – NSO certified birth certificate, certificate of (previous) no-marriage, baptismal certificate (for Catholic weddings), etc.

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