how to plan a succesful bachelorette party?!?

May 13th, 2011

My mother is getting married for the first time next august,and i am the maid of honor. I’m 21 years old and have never even been to a wedding nonetheless a bachelorette party. basically i am the one who has to put this whole dig together and i dont even know where to start..for starters shes wants midget strippers..and im having a hard time finding any. I really dont want to let my mother down, and since ive never done this before im in a bind. If anyone has any tips or ideas for me, as far as, where to begin..what to look for, people to invite any sort of suggestions would help alot. Thanx

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  1. Callie W says:

    There are some awesome ideas at but you have to register (free) before you can go searching. Some of the ideas include going to a drag queen show, having a disco party complete with outfits, music and drinks at your house, etc.

  2. fire and ice says:

    Look on the Internet for the strippers(oh by the way don’t type in midget strippers, they are called little people, try little people strippers + your area name here) in the search engine. 2. invite family and friends (it is only the girls who are invited) of your mother, co-workers & bosses are acceptable too (main requirement females only). 3. you will need food, most bachelorette parties have foods like: chips, desserts, egg or ham sandwiches, soups with dinner rolls, sweet and sour meat balls, meat and cheese trays, fruit trays, etc. Close family and friends usually help make some thing each or buy it. Don’t forget drinks such a pop, coffee & tea and alocholic beverages. A punch with liquior in it is usually a part of the drinks. some decorating is required: balloons & streamers is fine. Don’t forget a cake. 4. games is a must go online to find games for bach -parties. have little prizes for the winners of the games. 5. Make a list of what you will need, get family and friends to contribute to the party. Ask someone for help who planned one before to help you with it. Here is a list of things you will need: 1. strippers 2. food and drinks (make a list of food and drinks, get family and friends to pick-up items on the list) p.s. don’t forget milk and sugar for coffee and tea. 3. decorations and necessary items: balloons, streamers, paper plates & cups, plastic utensils, prizes for the games, items for the games themselves, chairs(a lot of them) and tables to put the food on (you can rent banquet tables). You need to find a place to have it that will fit all the guest invited. a lot of pre-planning is required.
    also you will need volunteers to help with the set up hope this helps.

  3. mj69catz says:

    First, don’t let your mom put you on the spot. If you can’t find the strippers she wants — then don’t feel it is necessary.

    Keep in mind your mom is obviously not a virgin (since you are here) and has a good idea of what she wants. This isn’t a surprise party — keep her involved in the planning and ask her for assistance.

    If there are more female members of the wedding party then ask them to help you too. You don’t have to do this alone. If you are close to your future step-dad — you can ask him for assistance with finding the strippers. Guys are good at that kind of stuff.

    There are two types of bachelorettes — those done in the home, and those that go to the bar. Depending on the size of your city you may not find male strippers easily, regardless of size. A fun thing to do is frequently to go to the bars and embarass the heck out of the bride. But your mom has had strangers looking at her lady parts (when you were born) and probably won’t be easy to embarass.

    If you are having a bachelorette in the home, decorations are in order, and the raunchier the better.

    Cakes (frequently homemade since some bakeries won’t) can be made up in phallic shapes.

    Games can be fun. Pin the pecker on the groom is one.

    Good luck.

  4. Sandy says:

    Hold the phone…This is your Mother we are talking about here. While you want to show her a great time, there is no need to go “trashy”. Can someone explain to me why you would want to take the bride to be out and embarass her? Isn’t that a little childish? Time to grow up and throw a fun party. Step one…forget strippers. You don’t need them. Little people strippers? Why? If you want to go out, find a good club and take everyone out dancing. Laugh and have a good time. Remember, it’s not where you are but who you are with. Invite good friends that you have all shared your lives with and go out and celebrate the upcoming wedding. Pin the penis games? I mean come on…how old are we?

  5. Cinistac says:

    haha thats funny IM A STRIPPER !!
    i do the NY METRO AREA let me kno holla

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