How To: Plan a small but classy wedding in less than a month?

October 14th, 2010

Its a military relationship, so therefore it was just decided that the wedding should take place in such short time. We only want something very small and simple: and, budget wise, but still make it classy and nice. I dont want to over stress myself, but I want it done at the right time(husband gets home in 24 days…I may have a few more days to do it all)

My situation: He only gets 24 days of leave…we already got married in court, only right before he left…therefore, we couldnt even live like married people yet. After his 24 days of leave, WE leave to his unit. IF we put it off any longer, there probably wont be a wedding because we’d probably just not want to do it. I bought an expensive wedding dress already, and im DYING to wear it.

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  1. NikkiM♥BTB 08/29/09♥ says:

    Start by finding somewhere to have it. (well pick a budget first. lol).
    Go to they have a checklist which usually says “a year before, 2 months before etc etc.” But you can do it all in a month. It’ll be hard but possible. And not everything on that list HAS to be done, you’ll know what you need to do and what not. Theknot also has some great ideas. I’d send invites out ASAP though, as soon as you get a location picked.

  2. Gretchen K says:

    First, get your venue. Try to find a reasonably priced restaurant where you can reserve a room, so that way everything will be taken care of (food, linens, etc.). Or if you can host it at someone’s house, try that, but then you’ll have to think about either making food or catering, plus seating, etc. If the wedding is very small, then hopefully a restaurant won’t end up being too expensive. For both the ceremony and the reception, try to find places that won’t need a lot of decoration (or any at all) so you don’t need to worry about that. You could tie the knot in a backyard or in a pretty park, and then shoot over to the restaurant for a meal. You could use an mp3 player hooked up to speakers for music and have a friend take pictures.

  3. Nanc says:

    You could have the ceremony performed at a town hall or equivalent, a church you like, a park, or at someone’s home. Pick what you like best. For simplicity, you could have the reception at a nice restaurant in a private room (you could even have the wedding there, if you like). Have a sit down meal, or elegant finger foods. If you opt for an outdoor or home for the reception, have an upscale restaurant/caterer prepare and serve your food. Find a dress you love asap, as well as a dress for your attendant(s). Go order the flowers now as well. You can have a very nice wedding by delegating as much of the work as possible and forgoing the time consuming extras (like favors) that are not important to you. Best Wishes to You.

  4. Trish says:

    I would say that step 1 is to decide which people you want to share this special day with you. Make a complete list of all of them, both your side and his. Count them all, including people that you think probably will not come but that you intend to invite anyway to show them they are welcome.

    Independently of that step, decide how much money you are willing and able to spend. (Too many people tie these two steps together! You should never break your budget because you want more people, or leave out some friends because of money.)

    Divide step 2 by step 1. This tells you how much you can spend per guest. All your other decisions will be based on this number!

    As you make decisions about things like centerpieces, food and drinks, keep referring to that magic number. Each time you are faced with a choice between a cheap version of something you’d see at a fancy wedding and a high quality version of something you’d see at a, shall we say, less expensive wedding, go with the latter. For example, say you only want to spend a few dollar per person on drinks. Do you go with cheap champagne that’s almost undrinkable, or do you go with a simple fruit punch that costs less than you can afford? You get the punch, but use the little bit of extra money to make it extra special, such as with good quality fruit juice and fancy molded ice cubes.

    Or suppose you don’t really have enough in the budget to get a catered sit-down dinner. Do you throw together a buffet that looks like an informal picnic, complete with submarine sandwiches and sheet cake? Only if that’s what you really want. If you want something more formal and fancy, just schedule the reception when it’s not mealtime, and get a lovely cake with good quality ice cream.

    Every step of the way, go with the “simpler” option, but a nice version of it.

  5. Tracy says:

    Congrats…now let’s make your wedding for family and friends happen. You being a military bride have a few perks that the rest of us don’t. contact the base chaplin and see if you can use the base chapel. It is reserved for just such an occasion. The cost is very reasonable and all you have to worry about is the decorations. Also ask if the base has a space for a reception. Again, cost is super reasonable and you can then focus on things like food. Have a great day!

  6. Hillary says:

    Congratulations! Since you’re already technically married, a small, short ceremony and a party is definitely in order.

    First thing, make a guest list and get a rough estimate of the number of guests, then decide on a location that can hold that number of people. The put down a deposit or sign a contract to guarantee the location, and send out invitations with all of the details as soon as possible. If your guests are computer-savvy enough, try Evite or something online — wedding websites are great for this, too. They offer free wedding websites on and many others, and this is great because your man can check it out while he’s overseas, and people can RSVP online and save you the trouble of invitations on short notice.

    Once you have that … I’m sure you’ve thought of a theme or colors for the wedding, so get on the bridesmaid dresses and suits for the guys (unless they just wear their dress military uniforms, which are just fine — just make sure that your husband and whomever he wants with him have those dress suits ready to go), and then decide on flowers and possibly some other decorations or favors that complement your colors or theme.,, those kinds of sites are great for ideas along a theme. Also, you should try something like or, they have a lot of cool favors arranged by theme and color and style. Even if you don’t order from those places, you can get great, creative ideas! But if you do order from them, do it fast — 24 days isn’t much time.

    Email me and I’d love to help you plan! Good luck!

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