How to deal with this girl and her bitchyness?

April 29th, 2011

I work in a small office of older women there is only me and another who are both in our 20’s. I dont really like her, you know the type she constantly belittles people, is rude, bad at her job and tries to undermine the rest of us.

Everyone dislikes her, but I always got on ok with her for the sake of work but I got engaged recently and shortly after so did she. Since then she has been unbearable she is being even more bitchy and jealous than usual. The other girls have noticed this and are ignoring her and her wedding plans and giving me all the attention which is making this girl behave even worse, she has started to hide my work and give me the wrong telephones messages etc.
She has also stepped up the wedding bitchyness to the point where I was just waiting for the day when she came in and said she was getting married on the same day as me, which she did last week.

She had planned to get married after me in september next year, she said the hotel she picked had no saturdays free in september which is why she changed the date but the girls I work with rang to check and they had all the saturdays in september free. Now I no for sure she is trying to compete with me and sabotage me at work, how can I deal with this in a mature way as I dont want to go down to her level???

Ignoring her completely is not an option we all take tea and lunch breaks together and excluding her would be bullying.
Getting in her face or telling her what i think is not an option either as i work in HR bullying is a big thing and you have to be really careful.

3 Responses to “How to deal with this girl and her bitchyness?”

  1. Dane Battle says:

    Get in her face and tell her how it is, put her in her place

  2. SuperSpencerM says:

    keyboard + face = fun and blood

  3. smoke says:

    Wow she is a BITCH. Well for the sake of work just let it be as you said the rest of the girls hate her too so when they show up at your wedding and not hers she’ll get the idea. She get the idea. Just keep being the better person. Its harder than it sounds. Best of luck hun

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