How much should i pay as a wedding gift in Germany?

July 8th, 2011

Here’s the thing.
Distant and beloved family in Germany is celebrating a wedding which I and my husband are not planning to attend.
We wish to send a complimentary cheque as a wedding gift. The young couple, in their twenty’s live in Heidelbeg Germany. What do you belive would be a fair amount to send? Thanks

4 Responses to “How much should i pay as a wedding gift in Germany?”

  1. John Galloway says:


  2. jellybeancounter says:

    You can send whatever you like. I think that anywhere between 50-100 euros would be very nice.

  3. The says:

    Their comparable economic countries, so send something that costs about the same as a present in Chicago, in German Marks of coarse. In fact, at the moment, Germany is doing a little better than we are in turning around their economy so maybe something a little bit more expensive than you would spend in Chicago.

  4. Daniel says:


    I live in Germany, just got married last year and have attended a few weddings since then. In your case, 50 – 100 Euros would be a fair amount to send as wedding gift. However, close family and friends, especially when attending, should calculate at least 30 – 50 Euros extra per Adult, to help pay for the average catering expenses.

    Kind Regards, D.

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