How much is a wedding at the Atlantica in the Hamptons NY?

June 26th, 2011

The fiance and I are looking into a few places on eastern Long Island to have our wedding. Before we start to call around we wanted to get a general idea of how much per person some places are. If our budget is say $150 per person we rather not waste our time with places over $200 per person.

Has anyone recently negotiated with the Atlantica, Westhampton?

I was looking for an approximate price per plate on a Saturday night in June.

Thank you very much!

2 Responses to “How much is a wedding at the Atlantica in the Hamptons NY?”

  1. jellybeancounter says:

    I hope you’re looking for June 2010. Why not just call and ask them? A 5 minute phone call won’t take much effort.

  2. bountifiles says:

    How much pp will depend in part on what you choose to include.

    Negotiating for a Saturday night more than a year away is difficult. If you were asking them for a deal in the Spring/Summer of 2009 that would be the ticket. Choosing a time when it’s you or an empty room makes them come down in price. Usually the way to bring down the price is to change the day, or cut back on what is offered.

    So far in advance there is little chance of booking prime time full service for less than full price. But if you go in with the attitude of “how can we do this” they may have some ideas.

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