How much beer/soda should I purchase for my wedding reception?

October 4th, 2010

Hi all! I’m planning an outdoor wedding/reception on August 28th. We are expecting around 250 guests, and I have no idea how much beer and soda to provide for our guests!

The reception will be an evening pig roast (~6pm-midnight). Our caterer will be providing lemonade and coffee for our guests.

So my questions are: How many kegs of beer should we order for the reception? What kinds of beer should we get? How many 2-liters of soda should we get? And what kind of soda should we get?

I appreciate any and all suggestions 🙂

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  1. dragon lady says:

    I’m not sure about numbers, but I can give you some suggestions. For 250 people you might want to consider kegs. If you do that, what kinds of beer are popular in your area? When you get beer, getting a light beer is a good idea. With soda, people will drink what you buy. You definitely want cola and a couple of non-cola flavors. Make sure to get plenty of diet soda. You should also have lots of ice water available, too.

  2. dale gribble says:

    250 guests

    if ya’ll are anything like me and my friends

    1 keg = about 165 beers

    roughly 16 beers a person

    that comes out to be about 25 kegs

    get 28 just in case

    that should do the trick.


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