How many glasses and plates do I need to rent for my wedding?

July 6th, 2011

Hi all,

I am planning a wedding for approximately 150 people. It’s going to be a 5 hour event. We’re hosting it in my parents backyard and are keeping things pretty homegrown. I need to order glasses and plates but don’t know how many I’ll need of each. Help!

We are keeping the food fairly simple… all finger food (pulled pork sliders, gourmet pizza, shrimp, etc). We’re going to have a round of appetizers before the ceremony (people may not even need plates for this stuff) and several main course appetizer rounds afterwards. We’ll also be serving wedding cake. We’re planning on ordering 7″ appetizer plates for everything.

We have an open bar serving beer, wine and cocktails. Additionally, we’ll have water and lemonade in big beverage jars. We’ll also have some bottled water and sodas that don’t require glasses. I’m planning on ordering pint glasses (for beer), stemmed water goblets (for water, lemonade and cocktails) and wine glasses. We have a pretty good mix of folks so I expect quite a few people to have cocktails and beer or wine, etc.

Any ideas on how much we’ll need of each?

As a recap:
7″ plates for food and cake
Pint Glasses
Wine Glasses
Water Goblets

Thanks so much!!

2 Responses to “How many glasses and plates do I need to rent for my wedding?”

  1. G.S says:

    I think you will need like 650 plates and glasses like 300. Hope it help.

  2. Leeroy Jenkins says:

    I hope someone crashes your wedding in your parents’ backyard.

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