How long after I graduate should I wait before getting married (NCLEX timeline)?

April 25th, 2011

I am trying to decide on how close to my graduation I should set the date of my wedding. I am going to graduate in late May with my Bachelor’s in Nursing but have not been given a reliable timeline on when I will receive my ATT and how long afterwards I should expect to wait before I can take the NCLEX. I don’t want to schedule my wedding too early but I have been waiting 5 years and I honestly don’t want to wait any longer than I have to. My preferred date is in mid-June, please let me know if this is a bad time and if earlier or later would be a better plan.

Thank you,

4 Responses to “How long after I graduate should I wait before getting married (NCLEX timeline)?”

  1. MagnusMoss says:

    Insufficient Data.
    How old are you? Does your spouse have a job? Do you want kids?

    If you are a 34 year old who wants kids and is dating a doctor, I’d have you marry soon. If you are 21 and your spouse is a student, I’d have you wait until after you get a job.

  2. Ann T says:

    And are you the groom? If so let your bride decide!

  3. Daughter of the King says:

    my bf is graduating in may with his nursing degree also and we’ve talked about having a fall wedding (mainly b’c i don’t want to plan a wedding during my last semester of college). i don’t know when his exams are but since i’ll do most of the planning, it shouldn’t be a big issue. if you two want to marry earlier, go for it!

    best wishes on your exams and marriage!

  4. Kcs says:

    Wow… I am having the same problem. I graduate from nursing school in June and I am getting married in November. I figure I will be done with the NCLEX by then and either have or be looking for a job. If your significant other can make enough for you to survive off of, just get married and don’t worry about it. I have talked to a lot of people who say the lean years were the best years. Good luck!

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