How does this wedding sound. Do you think I’ll be disappointed when its all said and done?

April 2nd, 2010

After what seems like YEARS of searching, I think we finally found the perfect venue. Its a YMCA. Now before you judge me, hear me out. We live in upstate, NY, smack dab between Saratoga and Lake George (LG being one of the most popular vacation destinations in the northeast and Saratoga being famous for the race track). We have literally thousands of venues to choose from but all were either too expensive or just not us. In northern LG there is a “resort” called Silver Bay. It is a YMCA in the sense that it offers what seems like unlimited amounts of activities for people of all ages, as well as had lodging on campus (they have a large, quite nice hotel but also dorms and lodges). If we choose to go with this place, we will be having our ceremony close to the water. I dont think much will be needed as far as decorations for this space as the views are gorgeous. I love the look of the shephards hook placed at the end of each isle with a pomander attached ( ). I plan to make these myself using carnations. Carnations get a bad rep but if used right, they can be quite lovely. We are both as far from religious as a couple can get so it will be a very quick ceremony. I’m thinking about asking a cousin who I am very close with to get ordained and marry us. If that doesnt work out, we will just hire a JOP.

Silver Bay offers a few different choices as far as catering. All of their banquets are buffet style. They have a more traditional dinner menu (beef, chicken and fish) but they also have what they call the “Upgraded BBQ”. Basically its BBQ ribs, chicken, corn on the cob, baked beans, baked potatoes, tossed salad & strawberry shortcake (I’m hoping to get a slight discount since we wont need the desert). They offer this for $21.00 ($10.50 for kids). The traditional dinner is twice as much. This venue doesnt supply the alcohol but we are permitted to bring our own. We pay a per-person per-hour charge for the alcohol because their servers will serve the guests their alcohol. I’m totally okay with this charge because this way, the guests have no idea that we supplied our own alcohol. My fiance also assures me that this will be considerably cheaper than having an open bar through the venue.

We are leaning towards the BBQ option. We are planning on getting married memorial day weekend 2011. I personally think that a BBQ reception on that specific weekend is definitely suitable. The wedding site is atleast an hour drive for pretty much everyone, so we assume that a number of the guests will probably stay the night. They resort will even host a private bonfire for us and our guests. I figure we will purchase a bunch of smore making supplies and hopefully we will have some beer left over from the wedding. I think this would give us the perfect chance to relax with those nearest and dearest. They also offer a brunch banquet option for pretty cheap. If the budget allows maybe we will arrange this for the guests who decide to stay (we will know ahead of time since they will have to make reservations). How do you think this sounds? My fiance and I arent really high maintenance people. We would be just as happy staying home and having burgers on the grill as we would going out to a nice restaurant.

The reason I ask if you think I will be disappointed is because for the longest time I wanted the big formal sit down dinner reception with white gloved servers. Well, then reality hit and I realized that there was no way we could afford this on our own. It is important to us to pay for our own wedding. Neither set of parents is overly wealthy but would give what they could. We’re successful adults (only 23) who can afford to pay for our own wedding (within reason). If we wanted to take money from my parents, we could afford much more but I am a firm believer that unless you are 19 and still living in your parents house, you are an adult and should be responsible for covering the cost of your own wedding. I am secretly hoping that my parents buy my wedding dress but it would be okay if they dont.

What do you think of the idea for our wedding? Think I’ll be disappointed after the fact that I didnt go with the lavish, formal affair. Sorry this is so long. Thanks for the input.

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  1. ala123w says:

    It seems that you have done a lot of thinking and research on this. Bottom line is, do whatever you and your fiance WANT to do. It is your wedding and do what will make you happy that works within your budget. Since you have some time before your wedding, many of your decisions may change before the date anyway. Also, you will always have some critical family member or friend that will have something negative to say about your wedding no matter what it looks like, so just remember that it is your wedding day and it should be a reflection of you and your fiance!! :o)

  2. pchicaq says:

    Wow… It sounds like you know what you are wanting. Why would you regret something like that… it sounds absolutely smart and economical. If you took the time to research and really love your idea, it should be a done deal. I was a part of my best friend’s wedding, and she is super high maintenance but within reason. She likes nice things (which she earns pretty good) but could “throw-back” some beer…lol. Anyhow her wedding was not big, especially the reception… I think her decorations was phenomenal. So what makes receptions outstanding are the decorations and lighting. So if you have that covered… I wouldn’t worry about it. Goodluck on your wedding day, I’m sure everything will come out fantastic.

  3. theologygirl says:

    I think it’s a really lovely idea; the location sounds beautiful.

    As far as being disappointed yourself because you’re not going the “white-gloved server” route, only you know your heart well enough to answer that. To me, though, it simply sounds like you’ve grown up enough to realize that princess fantasies are fine but are not what really matter in life. Good for you.

  4. Loadnabox says:

    Your wedding day is going to be a blur. My wife was disappointed in the evening as we started getting ready to leave the reception, she said, “Why is everybody else leaving? Why are we going already?” To which I pointed out, “Our guests have been here almost six hours.”

    And the six hours was just the reception…

    You’ll be amazed at how the time flies and looking back you’ll be happy that you didn’t go overboard for something that’s a blur.

  5. Another Nickname says:

    If it’s what you want go for it. The poster who said your wedding will be a blur is exactly right – it goes by in an instant.

    I think everyone will find disappointing things with their wedding if they dwell on it enough. So, have the wedding, don’t dwell on it, and have tons of fun.

  6. His Love says:

    I think it sounds lovely. You know what you want and I say go for it. I would def. enjoy your wedding.

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