♥ How do you plan a bridal shower within a quick time-frame?

May 12th, 2011

So, one of my best friends has announced she’s getting married, and its very soon (Sept 26 of this year). I’m in charge of planning the bridal shower and its my 1st one to plan… So I need all the help I can get! lol

I have a four-part question:

1. Should I pick a Saturday or Sunday? The weekend of August 15/16 or September 5/6 ? I don’t know if there’s a rule on how close the bridal shower should be from the wedding. There will not be anyone coming from far away that would need the extra time to prepare travel plans.

2. Theme ideas?

3. Favor ideas?

4. Game ideas?

I should add she’s 23 (will be 24 by the wedding). The ideas need to be relatively simple because I don’t want to be stressing as it approaches. On the other hand, I want it to be really special and fun, and will be able to dedicate a decent amount of time on planning it. I want to keep the decorations and favors under $200 or $300.

Thank you all so much in advance for helping me…

Any additional tips from experience will be appreciated 🙂

4 Responses to “♥ How do you plan a bridal shower within a quick time-frame?”

  1. D4Pres2012 says:

    1- the shower is usually 4-6 weeks out, but you have to get invitations out asap to give guests a long time to rsvp. you shouldn’t do labor day weekend because a lot of people already have other plans. pick a weekend in mid or late august, and do it on a sunday when people are less likely to have other plans.

    2- I’ve never been to a shower with a theme. if you get nice invitations and you want your table linens and decorations to match that color scheme, go ahead

    3- the most useful favor I got at a shower was thank you note cards. yes it’s the bride who has to send thank you’s, not the guests, but it’s always nice to have a package of note cards lying around.

    4- keep the games to a minimum. don’t waste a ton of TP designing TP wedding gowns for each other and that kind of crap.

  2. slb1107 says:

    I’d go with September 5/6.

    My friend made penis cupcakes and bought chicken and cookies. It was all on the table not really decorated or anything crazy. I also had a penis straw lol

    They got a cheap veil and put condoms on it and I had to wear it all night lol

    We played the game Dirty Minds. It was hilarious.

    Just have fun with it.

  3. Sarah P says:

    OK – Try and give you quick answers:

    1. Mid August is best – Sept 5 / 6 is a holiday weekend (Labor Day and people travel)

    2. This page had themes from Honeymoon to Tool Time to Around the Clock theme – so it should help http://giftideacenter.com/Occasion/Bridal_Shower/themes.php

    3. Favor ideas:
    For favors you can always do baked goods to save money or consider some of these
    A Purse Sized Photo Album – under $2
    Heart Purse Valet – $3 – 3.50
    They have candles, frames, tote bags and more.

    I also found personalized mint tins here, they were $2 – 3 (not bad)

    4. Games ideas – this might depend on your theme but you can choose from easy and fun printable games like Bridal Shower Bingo, Bridal Shower Charades, Who knows the Bride, etc… found those here http://partygameideas.com/bridal-shower/printable_games.php

    Bridal Shower Advice Game – Less of a game but more like The View!

    The Purse Game is always interesting and sometimes embarassing

    If you need more ideas, they have about 40 more here.

    I am sure you will do just fine, have fun too.

  4. temeculawebbuilder says:

    go to

    they have some quick information about quickly planning a bachelorette party there is a lot of ideas there

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