How do I plan a semi-traditional wedding? Like this?

April 28th, 2011

I guess the first thing to do is to pick a place. I want it to be in a Baptist church. I have only had a chance to call one though and they wanted like 250 dollars just to use the upstairs and downstairs. My fiance said the ones he called are about the same. I am a member at one but they are kinda far away so I haven’t been back lately. But maybe they will have a better price.

We may be required to get premarital counseling. We need to pick a day and organize practice times.

Then I guess we should get a marriage license and wedding invitations.
We’ll need to invite family a month or two ahead of time. And maybe friends, if it looks like we can afford a big wedding. And we should set up a wedding registry with Walmart.

We will also need to find a photographer and pianist. Maybe my college piano teacher could do that and I could give her $25. The photographer has to be a pro because I have heard horror stories of the pictures not turning out because of lighting. Pictures are one of the most important things because they are memories.

We also need to select a maid of honor and best man, bridesmaids and groomsmen. Maybe 3 flower girls and two ring bearers. Maybe a singer too.

Then we need to decide how we will decorate the church. I thought maybe bows on the pews or something.

And we should plan the reception. One or two cakes, depending on the size of the wedding. Maybe if we just got one it could be half chocolate half vanilla.

That’s about it right?
I can’t buy all the dresses for the bridesmaids. They will have to provide their own. That’s reasonable.

3 Responses to “How do I plan a semi-traditional wedding? Like this?”

  1. perfectvelvet says:

    If your reception is at a meal time, you need to serve food. Otherwise, appetizers are needed. Plus drinks – your choice about alcohol. How about a DJ?

    Also dresses, tuxes, any attire for the wedding party, bouquet, garter, boutonnieres for the groomsmen, gifts for your parents, any wedding favors for guests…

    You should look into joining a site like or checking out a wedding planning book at the library. It’ll help you a lot to make sure you don’t forget anything!

  2. thedreamweaverwolf says:

    you need to decide on a church and then ask them what there rules are for everything

  3. Because I Said So says:

    Well first you write your guest list, then you look for venues. Once the guest list is approved by all 4 parents, then you know about what your headcount will be (20% of the guest list will decline for some reason). Then you go on and look for venues and caterers and book a date in the season you want to get married. Then using weddingwire, it will give you a checklist of everything that needs to be done before your date- invitations, gown fittings, hiring vendors, etc.

    Asking the wedding party to pay for their attire is fine, just keep it under $200 per person. and I have to warn against having a MOH, it elevates one girl above the others and creates hurt feelings. Also the MOH always lets the bride down somehow. It’s ok to have a best man, because guys don’t act catty this way, but with girls it’s not worth the drama.

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