How can I move forward with our relationship and enjoy it?

April 13th, 2010

I am in my first serious relationship and my man is amazing! However we have many issues which tend to hold us in the same place.
1. My family hates him and constantly talks badly of him
2. He is 7 years younger than I am
3. He lives in New York I in Boston, which causes us to actually see each other only 1-2 times a month with the visits varying from 2 days-7 days.
4. We are at different points in our lives, I am in College, he is in HS (which is not a huge problem for us but one that people tend exploit)
5. We are a total mismatch in appearances, I am overweight, he is buff, also I am taller than he is.
6. He has a very active sexual past where i tend to be less serious with my relationships
7.I have trust issues…so does he

He treats me amazingly and when we spend time together we can just do nothing and still be amazingly happy. I have never been with someone whom respects me so much and is such a gentlemen. He takes care of me when I am sick and is my everything. We are talking about Marriage and Children a lot, and are thinking a May wedding. Our sex life and attraction to each other is unbeatable! I know I want to spend the rest of my life with him, but i feel like we are fighting more and more about the same issues. But how can I shake these nagging feelings and am I sabotaging it?

2 Responses to “How can I move forward with our relationship and enjoy it?”

  1. Established in 85 says:

    You two need to quit seriously.

    Are you really going to ruin a relationship over what everyone else likes and wants?

    Do what’s right for the two of you and don’t let other peoples negativity bring negativity into the relationship.

  2. rjcordova says:’re family is not marrying him you are.
    2.age should not matter when you are really in love.
    3.distance is only geographical. may be at different points in life but you’re life path is running along the same lines.
    5.As long as you both except each other there is no problem.
    6.You’re past is just that past.
    7.You sound as if you are working though the trust issues so don’t stress over it.
    Maybe you need to take a long look inside of you because there is some underlying issues and i think it is you.think it over and then look at it again and see if everything is as problematic as you seem to think it is.
    Good Luck.

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