How can I donate my wedding gown to a military bride?

May 2nd, 2011

In 2002, I married at just 20 years old. Unfortunately, it ended in divorce…in hindsight I never should have married so young. Fortunately,the marriage ended amicably…no bloodbath, and we are still friends.

I have since remarried, happily and he is seeing someone he cares deeply for. Its now time to let go of my wedding gown. I worked for a bridal shop when I was engaged for the first time (iI’m a seamstress) and as a result, I tried on over 200 wedding gowns until I found the one. I wanted something in the style of Jackie Kennedy, slightly off shoulder, simple. I found a beautiful alfred angelo gown…matte organza a-line gown with a portrait neckline, semi cathedral train and scalloped (I didn’t do strapless because it seems like ALL wedding gowns are strapless anymore) I wanted something with a vintage feel that I wouldn’t cringe at later.

I know already that selling wedding gowns can be VERY hard and I couldn’t resonably expect to sell it for much, especially since it isn’t strapless with a pickup skirt. But I do know that many military brides have to forgo a wedding because they don’t have money to plan a wedding before their loved ones deploy overseas.

I looked at the charities that donate gowns to miliary brides, but they won’t take gowns that are more that a couple of years old. I know that my gown in 10 years old, but I chose it specifiaclly because of its vintage look and I know there is a bride out there who is looking for something just like it.

It is a size 10.No alterations were needed. I removed the bustle before cleaning. It is an Alfred Angelo, style number 1972.

How can I post it for free to give to a military bride? The free section on my local Craigslist is probably not a good idea…we have way too many greedy selfish people who will lie to get it so they can resell it.

Every bride deserves a wedding, if she wants one (The second time around, I didnt…we eloped) but that holds DOUBLY true for the fiancees of the men who are putting their AZZES on the line to protect our country. I have a beautiful wedding gown, and while I don’t regret my first marriage (It ultimately led to my independence and meeting my current husband as well as two beautiful little girls) I will never wear it again. I want to make someone elses dream come true.

4 Responses to “How can I donate my wedding gown to a military bride?”

  1. Michelle says:

    if u have a military base near u u can get there number and ask them if u can donate it to them. craigs list wouldnt be a good idea ur right ot many greedy people. maybe go to a few churches and talk to he pastor,rabi.etc… and see if they know a bride to be that deserves it. that would be a great gift to give someone who cant afford one.

  2. TT says:

    i didn’t read the whole text.
    but i think it shows your generosity.
    search for their donation centers.

  3. Combat Medic Wife :) says:

    Airman’s Attic.
    You could also go on Facebook and look up the closest base that is near you and add them as a friend and post that you are selling your dress….I am sure that lots of woman will be on that post real quick that way.

  4. Kelly says:

    Hats off to you on being generous enough to want to donate your dress. I’ve seen so many women here want to sell the dress and expect to receive exactly what they paid for the dress 5, 10+ years later.

    There are plenty of women who could use a donated dress.

    Here are a couple links:

    This isn’t military but its Brides Against Breast Cancer, they sell donated dresses (gently used and ones donated by designers). The brides pay for their dress but all the proceeds go towards cancer patients and research.

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