How can I combine the things I love later in life?

May 14th, 2011

I love to write, and i’m currently working on my own book.
I like writing, but i can’t really see myself spending all of my time and effort on it.
I love fashion, and currently have my sketchbook full of designs I make.
I’m taking a fashion course next year in school.
But I still find myself thinking I could be really good in wedding planning or event planning.
But i’ve never done it. Ever.

Is there anyway I can really combine all of this?
I’m not asking for a big combining career,
I just want to know if there’s some way i can somehow squeeze all three in my life?
Writing, Fashion, and Event planning?
I’m fifteen, so i have a lot of time to think about it.
Honestly, I see myself going into Fashion the most.
But everyone seems to adore the book i’m working on.
Ahhh, help!

PS, i don’t know what category to put this under. So i’m putting this into multiple.

2 Responses to “How can I combine the things I love later in life?”

  1. Ashley Poor says:

    Newspaper or Magizine articale writer.
    There are many people who write about fashion and how tos on planning.

    Event Stylist
    There are alot of people who have no idea what to wear; to weddings, partys, so on.

    There are alot more. Your young, you have time to figure it out.

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