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August 31st, 2010

Five Tips for Spring
I know, I know, with all the cold and rain it doesn’t seem like spring is on its way, but the truth is that we can already see the new season’s the history of fashion in stores. So I’ve been thinking that if you, like me, can’t wait any longer and you’re already planning your look for the next season, you’re going to need these tips for making the right purchases and avoiding mistakes. Take heed….

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Fashion Tips for the New Season

The same thing happens to me every year: in February I’m so ready for the warmer weather to arrive that I “almost” don’t feel like going shopping, since I don’t want anything else for winter and I won’t be able to use anything I buy for the spring since it’s still cold outside. But, good planner that I am, I’ve already started to pay attention to the new clothing collections and accessories. So if, like me, you are already planning your look for the new season, here are the tips you need to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Makeup-like Shades in Nude, Pastels, and Cream
If you can use only one color this spring, let it be nude (or a pastel or cream). Choose the shade that looks best with your skin. You can choose a dress or a blouse in a light fabric. These colors are very becoming, especially if you have slightly darker skin (note that this year we won’t see intense bronzing, but rather – fortunately for me – a light golden tone).

How can you know which color looks best on you? It’s very easy. Simply hold up (or try on) a piece of clothing when you’re wearing makeup and are well-dressed. If you see that your skin is automatically brighter and you look better, you’ve found it! If, instead, your under-eye circles and imperfections become more noticeable, it isn’t your color, so look for something darker or lighter.

Finding the right shade in these types of colors is difficult, especially if (like me) you are very light-skinned (if your skin is darker or lightly bronzed, you’ll look great in practically any shade of cream or nude). I take the clothing home (always making sure that I can return it) and try it on under lighting that I can control, with the accessories I plan to use.

Dresses in these shades are killer, and if you wear them with a short suede jacket in the same color, you can wear them a little sooner in the year.

Tip #2: The “Must-Have Color of Spring: Coral
This spring is not all about subtle colors. The color you’ll see this year, and which is also very attractive, is an intense coral shade. You’ll see it in clothing, but also in lipstick and nail polish.

If you’re going to a wedding or another important event, dare to use this becoming, trendy color. An orange-colored dress is one of the pieces on my list for this season. I haven’t found it yet, but I will.

Tip #3: And Black, Too – Yes, in Spring!
I already know that I wear a lot of black, but let me tell you that it’s such a becoming color for me! But be careful – you need to be cautious in choosing black clothing. First, if you wear all black, you must make sure that the colors on the top and bottom match perfectly and are made from the same material. Also, you need to make sure that the clothing is perfectly ironed and impeccable. If you wear a black sweater with pilling, it won’t look good, and if it’s black the pilling will definitely be noticeable!

Black is normally a color for winter, but it will be in use this spring (lucky for me, since half my wardrobe is black, although I combine the pieces with colorful accessories). I’m already looking for the perfect little black dress for spring. Of course, if you don’t like wearing black, you can opt for pure white, as well as one of the winning combinations of all time: black with white. Remember that if you want to minimize your hips, you should use black for the lower part of your outfit and combine it with a white blouse or top.

Tip #4: Safari, Military, and Khaki Styles in Dark Green
I like this tip, because I look good in safari-style clothing – that is, typical khaki pants with a silk safari-style blouse (with pockets on the chest) and really high-heeled brown sandals. Dark green shirts, jackets, and pants are very becoming. If the piece has a touch of military style, it’s even better. Wear these pieces with brown accessories, like dark brown belts and suede handbags. I’ve already found an intense green shirt that will soon be part of my wardrobe.

Tip #5: Sexy and Comfortable Accessories
Oh, here’s a trick! Look on the sales racks for pieces that fit with the new season’s trends…. I just bought some wedge-heel, peep-toe shoes in Uterqüe that were marked down 70%. ? Wedge-heel shoes are definitely going to be key pieces this season. That’s great, because they’re very comfortable and incredibly sexy. Also, if you don’t already have them, search for some high-heeled sandals with brown straps – you’ll wear them with everything.

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