He’s a virgin by choice and regrets it?

May 15th, 2011

Am in a long distance relationship (he’s in the USA, am in France) for over a year now and we are both 21. He is virgin by choice until wedding while I did it before with just 1 guy. Yesterday he said jokingly he started to have grey hair because of all the stress him being virgin still. I was kinda hurt but said nothing and then today we had a fight because he told me he wish he did it when he was younger before we met to get it done with.
I said it’s not really nice for me and he was like “how is it your problem if I did it before meeting you. I don’t get pissed because you had sex before meeting me do I! Is it so wrong for me thinking about it? it’s easy for you you did it before!”

So should I really worry about it or not? Am really down because I happen to realise webcamming and videos isn’t enough. I feel like am not giving him enough or else he wouldn’t be regretting being a virgin suddenly. I know he’s not a cheater so how should I be reacting instead?

One Response to “He’s a virgin by choice and regrets it?”

  1. xbrutalxhonestyx says:

    Yes but understand like you, that if you made it to your age with that little of sex experience it isn’t just because of values. I don’t know on your side really, but on his its defently INSECURITES thats making him act that way. I’d be really worried about his ability to form a geniune loving relationship when the thing that he is thinking about most is the sex….. I know from personal experience that he won’t know how to handle it once he has it, you have to get burn’d a few times with it before you began to understand it maturely. And him being a virgin well most likely come down to him enjoy it with you but wanting more experiences with other people. Viginity and romantic lover are not the same ideals, understand. Virginity was met for a different view of marriage, not for a different view of relationships. So don’t think this guys is all moral and high on ideals, because that insecurity is showing that he hasn’t develop a healthy view of sex, on top of that it doesn’t show much compassion for you. Its almost childish, but what do expect from someone whose been that insecure most of his life? Besides he isn’t treating you fairly with that last comment. Because it would of been a great oppurtinuty to be sweet to you not sneak in permission to have sex with someone esle….. maybe think twice about this american? I would! As your seeing whats confusing, is that he is hiding the fact that it wasn’t his choose………..

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