Help with my to do list? input please on things I might be forgetting, especially in honeymoon area.?

May 15th, 2011

okay here is what i have.

What I Have Left To Do for Wedding Day

Buy Shoes
Get Jewelry
Seating Chart
Place Cards
Make Favors
Get Itineraries Out
Confirm all vendors
Make list of balances/tips to be paid
Confirm Lindsey’s Arrival
Confirm Aimee’s pickup and that Joe is coming
Get directions and rehearsal dinner plans to everyone
Inform Cherie that Lindsey is vegetarian.
Order Butterflies
Finish Gazebos
Drop off all centerpieces, favors, place cards, and decorations to the Manor
Make Bridal Survival Kit

What I Have Left To Do for Honeymoon

Plan each day
Budget food
Budget day trips
Plan mileage/gas
Buy Luggage
Ask Lucy to take care of flowers/bring them to her wed or thurs. night
All windows locked
All food that can spoil thrown out
Door double locked
Emergency Contact info/Itineraries to:
Both Sets of Parents
Lucy (neighbor,incase of Condo emergency)
On this list MUST be both cell phone numbers, the Inn name and #, day trips
I am getting married July 14th. LOL so lots of little things to do.
Lots of great input, thanks all.
I’ve got all those other checklists too lol…this is my own personal one. I rest easier being organized.

10 Responses to “Help with my to do list? input please on things I might be forgetting, especially in honeymoon area.?”

  1. Carole says:

    Forget all that. On honeymoon only one kind of input matters!

  2. el k says:


  3. sunshine01 says:

    sounds like you have things under control..hopefully it is not this weekend or in the next month..seems like alot still to do..but congrats..and enjoy your new life

  4. little black dress says:

    un plug electrical devices while you are away (T.V., microwave,radios)

  5. stephanie says:

    sounds like you got the wedding under control, but don’t put so much planning into the honeymoon, trust me you wont get half of it done. just make an outline of the things you want to do (but don’t schedule too many activities) and go from there when you arrive. its funner not to have every second planned, that allows for spontaneity. but congrats, and good luck!

  6. Blunt says:

    Before leaving for the honeymoon:

    Throw the garbage OUT before leaving

    Water the plans

    Pay your bills

    Stop the mail (form can be obtained at the post office)

    Turn off the A/C

    Set water heater on “vacation” setting

    Congrats and good luck

  7. TJ says: has a checklist for wedding and honeymoon. check that to make sure you don’t forget anything.

  8. Tamra says:

    Wow now is crunch time. Try the they have a good list of what not to forget for the big day! Good Luck and congrats.

  9. Jillian says:

    Wow you are a planner!!! I got married last July I wasn’t nearly that organized. But I am a very laid back person, and things were going to go as they were, and any problems weren’t going to make me upset since I with family & friends.

    I am sure things will go smoothly. But I don’t see anything about caters (or if you doing the food yourself), dj/band, photographer… all thse people you just want to give a call to in the week before you wedding just to make sure they’ve got all the details striaght. As for where the wedding/reception will be are they decorating or are you… either way get in touch with them and make sure everything is good there.

    Since your such the planner you may also want to come up with a list of “must have” photos so you don’t go back and wish oh i wish i had picture with my grandma or I wish i had a picture with just my maid or honor or just the best man… if you know what you want don’t let the photographer compltely run the show.

    Get your rings cleaned or if you are having anything done with them, having them saudered, enscriptions, sized.

    For your honeymoon if your flying be sure to check your flight status and weather. Don’t over plan your honeymoon… just go with the flow there. There might be things that come up once you get there that you want to do spur of the moment or maybe just lay in bed all day.

    Oh yeah, and check up with the minister, justice of the peace, pastor, you know who ever is going to marry you and just make sure everything is good & he knows when & where to be for the wedding. And MARRIAGE LISCENSE!!! Don’t forget about that.
    Congrats! And just take some time & relax & enjoy it.

  10. Solstice Bride says:

    Old, new, borrowed, blue? Try, and They all have great checklists. I wouldn’t know what to do without them.

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