Help needed for making a speech at a Japanese wedding in a few days.?

November 2nd, 2010

Hi, I am making a short speech at a Japanese wedding in a few days.There will be a translator but I would like to make at least the introduction in Japanese to show courtesy and respect to the bride and groom. I would need phrases such as “it is an honour to be invited to the wedding”, “thank you for inviting me to speak”, “my name is ___, and “I represent the international guests from London” “we enjoy visiting Tokyo very much”, “the wedding is beautiful” etc etc. As I will be learning the phrases phonetically any help is much appreciated. Also anything else you think would be appropriate to say will be invaluable. Thanks.

3 Responses to “Help needed for making a speech at a Japanese wedding in a few days.?”

  1. Ernest says:

    Ask yourself if you actually are interested in you inviting by you

  2. EdenDD says:

    It might be a nice touch to remark how friendly the people of Tokyo are, this will warm you to the guests and provide you with the all- important “likeability factor” which is key when delivering a speech.

  3. Happy taro! oishi says:

    No offence, but just do it in English. Your pronounciation will be off, so you will sound stupid. Theres no reason to go out of your way just to do it in Japanese, we speak English too, If someone did that at my wedding, I would be insulted.

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