Having an “emergency” wedding! Advice & Ideas Needed?

December 22nd, 2010

What started out a simple civil ceremony (with only a few friends and our parents attending) on a Friday off from work has now turned into a 50+ guest ceremony and reception at a local park. The wedding is in 35 days and I haven’t a clue what I am doing. Does anyone have any ideas for a cheap simple wedding? The more off-beat the ideas are the better! I don’t really want a traditional dress, our colors are “fall colors” would be acceptable for me to wear a simple colored dress rather than all white? Are there any foods that are easy to serve and well liked by most people? My fiance and I have been together for 9 years and I feel that our wedding should be very understated and simple yet I don’t plan on doing this again so I would like it to be memorable but I don’t want to kill myself or my family and friends in the process. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. byibol says:

    eeek i would just reschedule. or change the location and not tell anybody, just the both of you. Otherwise you can do it but it will be super hectic. Its your wedding you should be happy not crappy.

  2. Mike says:

    just have fun, drink and have some music. don’t worry about what to do to make it nice, think of what you want to do there to make it fun.

  3. My says:

    ummm i wasnt traditional at all..
    my hubby and i got married @ a travel agency by a notery republic

  4. Angie29 says:

    Is there a creek in the park? You could get married in the creek! Seriously! Two of my good college friends did this when they got married. (They just stood in it, it wasn’t like they went swimming) That was years ago, they are still happily married and everyone remembers it!

  5. GreatAunty says:

    Actually, this sounds like it is going to be a wonderful wedding. Congratulations.

    35 Days puts you into November, which means possible COLD weather. So may I suggest having lots of lap blankets available, so people can sit on one and snuggle under another. Then maybe a bon fire with hot chocolate and s’mores? Fun, easy. Put some of the ‘grill masters’ in the family in charge. And then maybe invite anyone who wants to continue to party to a nearby pizza parlor for pizza & beer?

    Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the day.

  6. winebabe says:

    Go dress shopping immediately. Find a pretty champagne colored dress to wear – any will do. But considering your wedding will be in November, consider the potential for it being cold outside.

    Food-wise, go to your nearest bookstore and look up popular foods for weddings. You can even do this online. PIck foods that you and your groom especially like.

  7. ? says:

    Got my wedding dress at a thrift store. It was a traditional, off-white beauty and it cost less that $20. Had it modified slightly, but it would’ve been fine as is.Traditional wedding dresses do not have to be obtained traditionally. I’m divorced now (unrelated!) and have decided that when I get married again, I will do it the same way. I recommend it to everyone. Just wear something pretty (for the memories/pictures) and traditional doesn’t matter Same thing about price. It won’t matter later in life how elaborate your wedding was, and later if y’all want to, you can have another ceremony, and be more elaborate.

  8. Messykatt says:

    Sometimes these turn out the best! I guess it’s because you’re open to anything and so some of the things that cause knotty problems can just be eliminated. Here’s how I’d operate:

    Have as few attendants as possible, even zero if that works best. I think one would be ideal, but don’t start accommodating people or the numbers and angst will grow! You can wear whatever color you want, and then have your MOH get something in a good second color. The BM just needs a nice navy suit – all shades of blue look good with fall colors.

    For the foods, there’s a ton of options. One thing to look into is catering by a nice lower end place like a barbecue. These places have delish food, great side dishes, and the cost or 50 people is surprisingly low – like $10 person or even a bit less. If this is too much, another idea is just to purchase the main course from them – they sell pulled pork and chicken by the lb. Then you or your family or whoever is cooking can make all the fun side stuff like cole slaw, beans, green veggies, salad, corn, etc. Very very inexpensive, and everyone loves this stuff.

    For the cake, just get a sheet cake. More and more groceries are doing these, and some are really tasty, so sample a few. They’re obviously super inexpensive.

    You can decorate with the obvious fall stuff out now: straw, colored gourds, apples and squash, etc.

  9. Carol G says:

    Congrats to you both.

    You do not have to have a traditional dress. You do not have to have a fancy-schmancy wedding, either. I’d dispense with attendants, unless you have a special friend you want to stand with you. I think a park reception lends itself to a more casual, finger-food, friendly feeling. (I’d recommend ham biscuits, chicken skewers, crudites, cheese and crackers, fruit – things like that. Wine punch & lemonade to drink, maybe. And wedding cake, of course.) 🙂

  10. Cammie says:

    A wedding planner would be a great help for you.

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