Have some questions?????

June 11th, 2011

Hi. We want to get married in October. Our wedding plans have changed many times. What we have now decided is just to have a small ceremony, with my 3 children, my mom and dad. After the ceremony, we’ll go out for dinner as a family. I don’t want to go to the justice of peace, because getting married means a lot to me. I want it to be memorable, possibly get married outside because I love nature but where to go, I don’t know. Any ideas? Then there’s what to wear, any ideas about that? It won’t be a wedding dress, but I want it to be nice. Then another question, We live here in West Des Moines, Iowa, For the past week or so, I’ve been looking up all of the motels around here. I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. We just want a suite for a weekend that’s romantic, has a whirlpool or jacuzzi in the room that fits 2 people, maybe a heart shaped one? Also, possibly a restaurant in the motel and room service. I plan on taking my own candles, ect. Any ideas on that? Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
Hey, that’s a great idea. But October is kind of unpredictable for weather, now I’m worried about the weather. LOL.

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  1. sunny side up says:

    Isnt there any parks nearby? With candles, flowers and music, you can really create an ambiance…rent a few chairs…or is there a lake around?

  2. Tricie68 says:

    With October less than a month away…what about marrying in your own home or backyard since the # of guests is so small. Or contact a local minister to see if you can marry in their church and then use their hall for a small reception. Lastly, check with hotels in your area about reserving a small room for the ceremony.

    You say you are looking at “motels”…to my knowledge, motels don’t offer the things you are looking for. Try looking into hotels. Though heart shaped jacuzzi tubs will be very hard to find anywhere outside of the Poconos. Good luck

  3. devilishangel says:

    I agree with the park idea. As far as the hotel, check out Country Inn and Suites. I don’t know that they have a restaurant on property, but their whirlpool suites are very nice. There may be one not too far from where you are. As far as the dress, check out department stores, or order online. I have a friend who just got married down in Gatlinburg, TN and she wore a prom dress. She got it early in the summer when the prom dresses were on clearance (sorry to say it, but this time of year, you probably won’t find them on clearance, not with high school homecomings coming up). Or, check out Davids Bridal. They have some nice “wedding dresses” that you can order online for around $200. They’re not your typical wedding dresses, though. Look like it from the front, but none of them have trains.

    **If you get married in the first part of October, you should be ok with the weather. As far as that, I wouldn’t go any past the middle of the month.

  4. chefperry says:

    I was answering a question on yahoo a few days ago were the girl was getting married outdoor in a forrest setting, I though this sounded really nice and kind of romantic, especially as it was by a lake too

    I think this could work, allow if it rained i suppose that would be a negative but the forrest may provide some coverage? especailly if it was cold and windy this would be an ideal place. (you could buy large fancy umbrellas, as if it rained, the pictures would still look good)

    As for the dress, why not a wedding dress as you are a bride amd you prob wont have that title again, you could go for something really simple and it doesnt have to be white, teaming it with a jacket and leave outt he veil



    or some formal elegant gown?

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