had sex with my gf’s mom?

March 21st, 2011

yikes! got a little drunk the other night at my gf’s sister’s wedding, long story short, her mom and i were flirting and ended up going back to her room. i dunno what to do, should i tell my gf or just keep it quiet? we’re pretty serious, been dating 3 years and i never cheated before. her mom and i feel awful, couldn’t even look at each other when we got dressed afterwards.

10 Responses to “had sex with my gf’s mom?”

  1. ohio_dragons_fastpitch says:

    i reccommend keeping it quiet. big mistake on your part though buddy

  2. imperfectionist says:

    Silence is golden. With a promise never to repeat. Just stay away from mama for a gooooood long time, till memory plays its tricks.

    It shows me another problem, though.. that you have no control over yourself when you are drunk. So either stop drinking or exercise control. Or else you WILL cheat on your girl again. Guaranteed 🙂

  3. ILLAC says:

    that’s one of the worst cheats ever – the mum, best friend or sister. you should feel awful.
    you said you did but it didn’t honestly seem like it.
    telling her will only hurt her and probably end the relationship – however now the rest of your relationship is a lie.

    you have messed up.

  4. ps3dixiemom says:

    do u by chance live in the south …lol .. man keep it to yourself it u want to live.. and if u feel that bad Imagina how the mom feels. look the thing is people do stupid shit every day.. u feel bad u move on. just don’t let it happen again at least not with the mom. don’t tell especially if u think u may marry her one day. or tell her but be ready to lose her.

  5. Marco says:

    Everyone makes mistakes. I would keep it quiet and not tell her, but if it’s on your shoulder you should go to church and ask forgiveness. Learn from this and try not to let it happen again. Hope this helps.

  6. Austin says:

    ULTRA SICKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. dwaynedunaway says:

    definitely keep it quiet

  8. maddyros3 says:

    You should tell your girlfriend,because chances are she’ll be mad and break up with you.You don’t deserve to have her,you pig!

  9. Mez says:

    What can i say but…you have learned the hard way the dangers of too much alcohol!

    I’m not going to lecture you because you both feel bad enough & i’m sure if you had your time over it would never happen again & just for the record i’m sure you are not the only 2 people in the world to have st****d up like that, it’s just that others wouldn’t admit to it.

    I’m not one to lie but in your situation i think you need to talk to your g/f’s mother & make a deal to keep it completely to yourselves forever, but at the same time you are both going to have to try & put it behind you because you have to be able to act natural when you are together in front of your g/f or she’ll be wondering what’s wrong.

    It was a horrible, stupid mistake but as long as you realize that i think it is better not to let anybody know about it because i’d hate to see the amount of trouble & heartache it would cause & especially since it was her sister’s wedding. Good Luck!

  10. BETT'S says:

    I guess you would like to keep quiet but you will always have a guilty concience, especially everytime you see your gf’s mom or your gf, so the choices is yours, you should be ashame of yourself even if you were drunk, you should have known better before entering her room.

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