Great Expectations Study Guide Help, Please!?

October 13th, 2010

Ok, so school starts tomorrow, right? Right. And I had to read Great Expectations over Summer Break, and write an essay and answer some study guide questions about it.

And well I got everything done, except for a few questions that I just absolutely could not get. Well it’s actually about 15 questions I could not answer, but considering that there was about 275 questions in all, that’s a very small portion that I could not answer.

I swear that I tried my hardest to try and answer these questions, because I do not give up until I try everything. So I really need some help lease.

Here are the questions I cannot answer. Any answers that you can supply me with, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

1) For what reasons did Jaggers decide to give Estella to Miss Havisham to raise?
2) Why does Pip decide to go to the old marshes to meet the anonymous letter writer?
3) What is far more terrible than death to Pip?
4) List three mysteries Orlick solves for Pip while he is working up the courage to kill him.
5) What resolution does Pip make once he understands that Orlick intends to kill him? What does this resolution say about Pip’s character?
6) Why is Startop with Herbert when they rescue Pip?
7) Briefly describe Pip’s plan to get Magwitch out of England.
8) Pip says he has no reason to doubt Magwitch’s story that he did not kill Compeyson. What evidence is there Pip may be refusing to see the truth? Why does he want to believe Magwitch?
9) Why does Pip decide to stay by Magwitch’s side after his arrest?
10) Why does Wemmick try to conceal his wedding from everyone except Pip and the Aged?
11) Dickens is a master at foreshadowing and creating suspense. Knowing this, why do you think he lets the readers know Pip’s friends both live happily with their wives?
12) What emotions does Dickens want the reader to experience at the time of Magwitch’s death? What is he saying about redemption?
13) Why does Joe begin to call Pip “Sir” when begins to regain his strength?
14) What evidence is there in the story that Pip may be really happy for Joe and Biddy rather than feeling sad for his own loss?
15) List the reasons Pip finds happiness in his new life.
16) Why do Joe and Biddy name their son Pip?

Again, any answers at all will be greatly appreciated.
Please and thank you!

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  1. KaletzibarEC says:

    I haven’t read that book in something like five years, so I won’t be of much help, and the only one I even think I can remember is #16 – I think they named him Pip because Joe was Pip’s brother-in-law, and they respected and loved him greatly. Sorry I can’t help more. Have you tried looking these up online? I’m sure others have asked very similar, if not the same, questions.

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