Getting Married episode 1: Seattle Wedding Show

April 20th, 2011

Subscribe to be notified of new tutorials! This is the first episode of my “Wedding Story” series. Here we are at the Seattle Wedding Show looking at vendors and getting help planning our wedding. It’s so fun. Wedding Planners, Flowers, Venues, Limos, Cakes…. everything Wedding Related! Check out the Website and Video of the “Seattle Wedding Show” To See my Wedding Planners Site “From the Gown Up” and if you need one in Western Washington…. Click Below Facebook me your video request Twitter me Blog Personal youtube http Proposal video Engagement Talk Music featuring Artists: Theory Hazit Scribbling Idiots Appears courtesy Illect Recordings

25 Responses to “Getting Married episode 1: Seattle Wedding Show”

  1. xoxocandice17xoxo says:

    oh my god, i would be sooooo overwhelmed going to something like that. there is so much shit to plan! lol

  2. DaniMeKoolio says:

    I didn’t know I was a pastry chef!!! \(^o^)/

  3. miczcess says:

    are you guys filippinos??… ^_^

  4. 08BlancaFierce says:

    Judy thanks for sharing this with us…you looked really grat with the dresses on.

  5. ChocolategirlAJK says:

    “My mouth just feels like a buffet right now.” LMAO!

  6. aznkittyfreak says:

    u guys fit so perfectly

  7. lorshie127 says:

    benji’s face @ 0:18.
    ROFL =D

  8. sunshineegirl3567 says:

    This is all shot so professionally that I feel like I’m watching a show on TV hehe. 😀

  9. yellowluv2010 says:

    hey judy if your reading this i love watching you your pretty and you know how to do hair im your biggest fan

  10. delmzz127 says:

    Who’s filming

  11. seaxvegetable says:

    congrats!!!! I have an upcoming this year too- April 23 🙂

  12. SHENGGGX3 says:

    Awww. Seattle, my hometown, born and raised. Just moved to Cali about 6 months ago. Miss it there. Best of wishes to you both!

  13. glamourchica11 says:

    good luck : )

  14. kaurgini05 says:

    I really liked this video. God bless the both of you. :))

  15. 143ShAnne says:

    Great Video Caz!!!
    You and Benji looked “awesome”… Love you both! and see you tonight! 🙂 <3

  16. helloanna1234 says:

    that looks cool :DDD i wanna go to one of those! this was really cute video! it reminds me of mtv. lol

  17. sexychic7662 says:

    Awe congratz on ur proposal have a great wedding!!

  18. iluvgh3tt0princ3ss says:

    Dang, Judy! You’re getting really good at editing & I love the filming, too!

  19. 112Huda says:

    my birth day is August 24th im so happy for you guys<3 😀

  20. newdkidt3 says:

    i’m getting married july 2011 and i have been to 4 bridal shows and its so much fun and its even more fun when u win gifts

  21. lynnd23 says:

    I miss Seattle too! I cannot wait for my boyfriend to get home from deployment, so we can go back to Seattle!!!!

  22. FortunePookie says:

    invite me to your wedding!

  23. YellowCheapers says:

    Im still the only girl I know who never wants to get married and who has never dreamed of getting married… IM A FREAK!!! lol

  24. PrettyXArtistic says:

    wow the editing on this video is amazing , what program was used ?

  25. TooSolidToBreak says:

    i want to marry a guy like him!!!!!! congrats Girl ;D

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