Fairy Tale Cinderella Wedding theme ideas needed?

May 9th, 2011

My friend wants to have a Fairy Tale Cinderella Wedding Theme. Her boyfriend has been calling her his Cinderella/Princess since day one of dating. He is her prince charming. They would like to have it very soon, need help with planning stages of their wedding. They are thinking of Spring or Fall next year.

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  1. heyheyhey says:

    her wedding dress can be like cinderella’s ball dress, the cake can have cinderella on it etc. cinderellaiz everything~

  2. mJc says:

    Don’t do it… that’s my only advice. Getting married is not a fairy tale, it’s real life.

  3. SugarCat says:

    I have to agree with mJc: Don’t do it. The wedding should be a celebration of the marriage, not a fantasy about Cinderella and Prince Charming.

  4. La Vie Boheme says:

    I agree with the other posters. Princess fairytale themes are for 4 year old birthday parties. The theme should be MARRIAGE/WEDDING. It’s OK to have a color theme (most people do).

  5. Tricia G says:

    We did a Cinderella thing at our wedding because from day 1, we called each other Cinderella and Sweet Prince. But we incorporated the Cinderella stuff in such subtle ways that you would have to be really looking for them to notice. To me, it was important that I saw this stuff, but I didn’t want to turn my wedding into a 5 year old’s birthday party. I didn’t care if no one else noticed the Cinderella stuff. I knew it was there and I could glance at it and be happy. I wanted my guests to see natural wedding components.

    For the table number holders, we had little castles instead of that long metal pole that blocks your view from the people sitting across the table from you. I bought the Cinderella soundtrack. On it, Wayne Brady sings the song “Beautiful” and one of the lyrics of it is “I never thought I would find a Cinderella of my own.” It’s a nice song and we used that as our first dance. Also on the soundtrack one of the American Idol winners/runner up sings “A dream is a wish your heart makes” and we had that as the song the wedding party danced to. I had a Cinderella wine glass charm on my champagne glass. I gave my flower girls Cinderella pajamas and little blue purses with Cinderella charms. The stuff for the girls was the most direct Cinderella reference out of everything…and it was given to young girls as their thank you gifts.

    My god daughter wanted to give a little speech during the reception. She recited the lyrics to “So this is love.” I hadn’t even planned on that! It was very special. It sounded like a poem when she read it.

    On the front of our invitations, instead of having “You are cordially invited” it said “Sometimes in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives you a fairy tale.” From what our guests would have seen, that was probably the most obvious of all of the Cinderella stuff. We got a lot of comments about that and people loved it…but it also fit our 40 something selves very well.

    I think that was it for the Cinderella stuff. You can go overboard with it. I think the theme of a wedding should be wedding. The bride should be the center of attention and not the theme. But I also think it is nice to have some stuff that helps you pick this one cake over the 500 other cake designs in your bakery’s sample book.

  6. Louise says:

    Well here’s a few suggestions.

    Sugar mice as wedding favours
    Invitations and save the day written in calligraphy and sealed with wax to give Royal seal of approval do the table placements to match but without the wax.
    Magic wand blow bubbles as gifts for children with disney prince and princess coloring in book
    Bubbles instead of confetti?
    Wedding cake in the shape of a castle.
    Colour schemes baby pink, periwinkle blue white and silver, simple table centre of three balloons in asending hight with silver ribbon.
    Groom to have Prince Charming suit with pink carnation and foliage in lapel
    Best Man and Ushers as Knights with tabbards and real swords.

    Links attached: No1: Cinderella themed items,
    No 2: Some more suggestions
    No:3 : Themed boxes, take a look and see if they are the right size to put in a piece of wedding cake.
    No 4: Wedding topper, there is an alternative on Argos catalogues with all the Disney partners, which would look nice and can be put on your sideboard or mantle piece,
    No 5: card idea?
    No 6: One of the better looking Prince Charming Outfits I have seen

  7. basketcase88 says:

    Alfred Angelo has a line of dressed based from the Disney Princesses, and yes, Cinderella is one of them. Here’s a link, I’m not 100% sure if they’re available in stores yet though.
    Also, Kirstie Kelley has done a line of Disney inspired dresses, those ARE in stores, but are priced higher than the Alfred Angelo line probably will be. However, they are no longer with Disney, but I’m sure you can find the older collection in stores, just call your local bridal store and ask if they have any of those dresses.

    For your cake, you can do a castle cake, complete with the castle cake topper made from chocolate. You can order the topper from Disney. Here’s a picture and link

    I’ve seen custom aisle runners with floral prints and the phrase “…and they lived happily ever after.” on it.

    Here’s another couple of links for you.
    http://www.mouseweddings.com/ This is the wedding version of the very popular mousesavers.com website.
    http://disneyweddings.disney.go.com/ This is the actual Disney Weddings website, if you’re planning on having your wedding at one of the parks or cruise ships, but you can use it for LOTS of ideas!

    You can do a Cinderella themed wedding without it being juvenile, or even kitchy. It can be done very formally.

    Good luck!

  8. MissCupcake says:

    Dont know where you live, but disneyland and disneyworld do very tasteful adult like weddings that can have a princess theme.

  9. ♥ || ♪♫ Br0wn Eyǝd G!rl ♫♪ || ♥ says:

    OMG! I love “Cinderella”. It’s my favorite Disney movie! 😀

    I pasted a link for a site that can help you with the decorations/favors:


  10. Cathy says:

    I just gave this link to someone else here on Yahoo Answers that is looking to transform a hall into something other than a hall. But this place has Cinderella props too:



    Good luck.

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