Engagement Party Jell-O shot cake?

January 31st, 2011

My boyfriend and I just got engaged. We are recent college graduates. We’re planning a very informal engagement party at our favorite bar for all of our college friends. It will be more of a Saturday night party scene than a typical “wedding-ish” engagement party.

My question is: People will be drinking alot and won’t want a traditional cake. I am trying to think of alternatives that still have a “wedding” flare. How about a 3 tiered cake stand filled with Jell-O shots. Have some whipped cream on the top so it looks decorated? I am looking for help with my Jell-O shot Cake idea and any other ideas you can think of! I want this to be fun, not stuffy!!!!
Wow–thanks for the input so far! Yeah, we will have a traditional engagement party with our families, too. After college, we left town for jobs out of state and want to get back to our alma mater where it all started for a night of fun with old friends. No gifts, no silly games…but maybe the world’s first ever tiered Jell-O shot wedding cake! haha Keep the ideas coming….

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  1. Jessica - B2B July 4th says:

    I think that sounds really fun actually. If you want to mix it up a bit you could have a tier of blow job shots with whipped cream on them (my favorite!) Plus think of the fun of taking them!

    Edit: Huh…Y!A didn’t like my shot name….BJ shots then!

    If you wanted actual cake you could do a jello-cake but add the alcohol. All you do is make a regular white cake, poke holes in it with a fork, mix up the liquid for jello shots, and pour it over the cake slowly until the cake doesn’t take any more of the liquid. Then frost with whipped cream! Yum.

    They don’t go on vacation for July 4th if they don’t celebrate it 🙂 Besides, that was sort of the idea. We want a nice small wedding. The fewer the better!

  2. grammie says:

    Great Idea. Have fun.

    Why would anyone get married on July 4th?

    Do you know how many people go on vacation then? Very inconsiderate.

  3. Kalamity_K:) says:

    That is brilliant! You could do the basic tiered cake stand and just set the shots on it! Whipped Cream would make it look “formally-informal”, so to speak. If I think of anything else creative I’ll edit but omg KUDOS!

  4. Sharie says:

    That sounds lovely. It’s fun when people don’t take these things too seriously.

    On a side note. Giving unwanted, b*tchy advice, is inconsiderate, grammie. What do you know anyway? It isn’t your wedding so butt out.

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