dvla’s Sexy Bride Video (My spoof version!)

March 20th, 2010

This is my version of the original one where I used my amazing video talents to make the video of the sexy bride and hot bridesmaids more entertaining! lol. I speeded up the original and added some cool sepia with film grain and scratches with vignetting on the screen to give it that classic look. I finished it off by adding some old piano music to give it the old style movie feel. Original was quite good — especially when the girls end up on top of each other! But wanted to make it even better

4 Responses to “dvla’s Sexy Bride Video (My spoof version!)”

  1. alfa147a says:

    A14 KLO For £350.00

  2. benbear123 says:

    I’ll sell you S1 WTF for £700

  3. biIloon45 says:

    I’d like WTF as a reg

  4. diversgifts says:

    Excellent! I wonder what they would do for W1 FE ??

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