Does this seem like a good wedding to you?

January 8th, 2011

We are getting married on November 19th of this year.

Our ceremony will be at 3:00 pm at my friends house. She lives on a cliff with a view of the beach. We will have relaxing music and a good ceremony. Everyone will blow bubbles when we go out together as official husband and wife. The ceremony will be 20 minutes max. Then we will take pictures at her beautiful house in the beautiful neighborhood. Then at 4 pm, everyone will go to the reception which will be at my grandmothers who lives 20 minutes away. Then we hope everyone will arrive at 5:30 pm and settle down. Then at 6 pm we will do the announcements and speeches. At 6:40 pm we will eat. At 7:20 pm we will have a slide show and our speech. At 8:00 pm we will have our cake and do the traditions. At 9:00 pm we will start dancing. At 10:00 pm we will have fireworks then go back to dancing. We will have a buffet of snacks if people get hungry from dancing.

Then at 12 pm people have the choice to leave or go to the nightclub. My grandmothers next door neighbors will set up a night club with lights, DJ, more dancing and a bar and tv. So we will go and leave at 4 am in the morning so we can sleep for the party which will be from 4 pm to 7 pm at my grandmothers pool in her backyard. She lives in a mansion with a big backyard with a view of the mountains. Celebration party.

Then we have a 9 pm flight to our honeymoon spot- Tahiti. We will get NO SLEEP. Because we will wake up at 9 am wedding day, get ready, go to my friends house and get ready, family pictures, whole wedding, night club and then we will have breakfast at the hotel and go on a hot air balloon ride and have a picnic on the beach then go to the party then go on our flight and drop dead in Tahitti.

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  1. sme168 says:

    So, what is your question? Does this seem like a good wedding for you and your groom, or does it seem like a good wedding for your guests?

    For your guests, yes, it seems like you are going to have a lot of fun things to do…although, I’d rather eat before I hear a speech, but that’s my personal choice.

    For you? No, I think you are going to end up being too tired to really enjoy it all. On my wedding day, I was exhausted by the time midnight rolled around, that all I wanted to do was sleep.

  2. * says:

    I think that if the reception is at 4 and you are not feeding your guests until 6:40, they will be hungry and annoyed. You should have out something like cheese and crackers to hold people over, or feed them earlier.
    Otherwise, looks good! It’s a little crazy to think that people will stay out until 4am, because I don’t think anyone will, but they are your friends and family and you know them well enough to know what they will do.

  3. Simes says:

    To me this sounds pretty amazing and I am sure that there has been quite a lot of thought and preparation put into this Wedding. Some would even describe this as the Wedding of their dreams and I would suggest that you are both a very lucky couple.

    The only downside that I would suggest, is that you have a very busy schedule and you Wedding day should be one of the most important days of your lives and I from memory would say that it was probably the day that went the fastest in my life and represents now just a mere photo flash in our relationship of over 20 years. You should make sure that you have time to enjoy one another, if the busy day suits you both then fine if not be prepared to speak to one another about it because if you cant talk now then what are you going to do for the rest of your lives. It feels to me that you have some concern otherwise you would not have spoken about the plans for the day here.

    Perhaps link up with other people in similar situation with shared concerns, try blogging your thought / thoughts and you will get to speak to other perhaps feeling the same.

    Trust that you both have a very happy wedding day and more importantly a very happy life together.

  4. Michele Rowe says:

    It sounds perfect! However, you are going to be dead tried! I highly recommend that you end your day after your reception! Also, you might want some alone time with your new husband. You will have so many people trying to get your attention all day that you will look forward to some quiet time with him!

  5. Suz123 says:

    You write: Then at 4 pm, everyone will go to the reception which will be at my grandmothers who lives 20 minutes away . . . At 6:40 pm we will eat.

    Too big of a gap for me. Two hours and 40 minutes before guests get to eat? If you cannot serve dinner until 6:40, there should at least be a cocktail hour with beverages and munchies provided. If it is only 20 minutes to grandma’s house . . . then why aren’t guests being offered beverages and munchies by 4:30 at the latest?

    You write: at 6 pm we will do the announcements and speeches. At 6:40 pm we will eat.

    Forty minutes of speeches? Too much, and very boring for your guests. Can’t you shorten that, please?

    You write: We will get NO SLEEP. Because we will wake up at 9 am wedding day, get ready, go to my friends house and get ready, family pictures, whole wedding, night club and then we will have breakfast at the hotel and go on a hot air balloon ride and have a picnic on the beach then go to the party then go on our flight and drop dead in Tahitti.

    If you must have two days of celebrating, then why not schedule things so you can have a day or two of rest before going to Tahiti? What’s the point of going to Tahiti if you are going to be exhausted, collapse, and not enjoy it? I suggest you take at least 24 hours to rest before flying to Tahiti.

    Good luck with your planning. And check out the Knot’s reception timeline here:

  6. ;-( ;-) says:

    I think that like many others, this wedding seems nice; however, I would make your dinner earlier as I would not want my friends and family to get too hungry. Afterall, they are there solely to support me. If they are hungry, then I would feel like I was letting people down. Why are you planning to have the dinner so late in the evening? Why are you having your ceremony so early and expecting your guests not just to solely drively over to your grandmother’s home? Why is there the gap?
    I just have this motto…If people are doing something for me, I will not let them down. They are there to support you. Do not let the reception start so late or do not let the ceremony start so early.
    I think that there are plenty of things to do. I think that you have planned manyh things. It almost seems like a dream wedding and by that I know that you have thought of many details that most people would not necessarily think of.
    Good Luck!
    Just change the time of your events.
    That’s my only advice.

  7. diamondcollector says:


    reception starts at 4 , cocktails, munchies, start dinner by 5. then announcements speeches and slide show. start dancing and cut the cake. people will leave by 8 or 9. people will also not leave until you leave. it’s rude.

    the nightclub idea is insane. the hot air balloon ride what’s the point? picnic what’s the point? another party? huh.

    you’re asking too much of yourself and your guests.

  8. Just Saying says:

    For your guests: If they show up at 3 to your wedding they might get too hungry to wait till 6:40 to eat. Imagine if they had lunch at noon that will be 6 hours with no food. Maybe you can have some appetizer/snacks that go with Champagne during the speeches and toasts maybe even available as people show up. If people are leaving the ceremony at 4 and heading 20 minutes away some might show up at 4:20 expecting to eat shortly. Snacks that can go with champagne include…strawberries OR caviar and blini. Limit this to ONE SNACK ONLY so people don’t get the impression this is an hors d’ouvres ONLY wedding and get full on snacks. Go on a wine website to see what foods go with champagne assuming you are having that for your toasts and speech. You have such a beautiful day planned that you don’t want some hunger pangs to get it off to the wrong start. Try to have wedding programs at the ceremony that show when food will be available (no need for full menu just “snacks” & “dinner”) & the times so people will right away know what to expect. Otherwise people might ruin their appetites with fast food between ceremony and dinner, or just starve until 6:40 or worse yet, sneak off to eat during your speeches!

    Other than that it sounds like fun…almost too much fun!

    For You: I’m a little concerned that you will need a breather sometime. Remember that your whole day if scheduled modestly would still be tiring from nerves not really allowing you to sleep well the night before, remember waiting for Santa as a kid? Well multiply that times 3! Then, the dresses always require a little care during movement so that’s another added stress, plus wearing heels all day possibly, and just the simple commotion of it all can add up to a very tired bride by the end of a regular wedding day. You have so many beautiful things planned but I think you should take the time to really close your eyes and walk through it in your minds, visualize it all, and then cut some things out.

    Nightclub/After party: If you call it an “after party” on your wedding programs, you can feel free to leave at 12 right after the regular dancing that followed dinner…make a big show of it and everyone can see you off from your grandmothers house and then head next door for the “nightclub after party”. I would normally say cut that out…but it sounds like someone has put a lot of excitement and love into setting it up. (Plus there might be those who need more party time or wind down/get sober time.) Now if you & groom decide in the car that you still need to party take a few moments for alone time..then head back! You can always explain, “We were just too excited to have you all here we decided to come back and hang out with you longer.” That way you are free to leave at any time now, since technically you already said your goodnights at midnight. Also if just one of you gets tired there you can crash in the neighbors house (comfortably, behind a locked bedroom door) assuming he/she doesn’t mind of course, then head to the hotel together whenever the other of you has worn out their dancing shoes. (Ask this neighbor host if you can provide him some coffee, water, and bready snack to put out to get people sobered up before leaving. Have these out the entire time of the “after party” you never know when guests will want to call it quits or need to leave for other reasons. So now your “nightclub” serves a dual purpose of sober up den too.)

    Hotel: I would order room service breakfast in bed WHENEVER you get up & relax there until the pool party. Save the hot air balloon and picnic on the beach for Tahiti which is probably more sightworthy anyway! OR if it is close enough to your grandmother’s, do the hot air balloon ride right over the start of the pool party when guests will be at your grandmother’s and can see you two fly by, then land & join them. That would be a super cool surprise and imagine how full your hearts would be to look down & see your guest all gathered again! Additional benefits: it lets you sleep ALL DAY until the pool party & now you only need one swimsuit/travel outfit for that whole day!

    I hope these suggestions help you work some resting time into your wonderful and generous plans!

  9. sara hunnewell says:

    Seems like a lot. Honestly most people will book it sometime during the reception because they’ll simply be tired or have other things to take care of and a night club at a persons house is not really a night club. (which, by the way, you should leave for your bachalorette party)
    Your family and even friends have kids to look after so although it’s nice you want to provide plenty of entertainment, a bit of fun and dancing at the reception will gona long way to simplifying your life. Also consider your poor groom, by stop number three all he’s thinking is he’s married, it’s the morning of the next day, and there are other places he should be… And that you should be. After all, you want to make your hubby feel married and it seems to me by the time party three wraps up the most you’ll be good for is a whole lot of Zzzs… Which is probably not what your man was thinking.

  10. DJ Cam says:

    With a 3 PM Ceremony most guest will be wanting to leave by 9PM.

    It appears your time line is way too spaced out. Your guest are going to be hungry and bored.

    Reception starts 4pm Ideal you don’t want guest to wait more than an hour before dinner.

    So, Server dinner 5pm and Dancing should start around 6:15 – 6:30.

    I see tons of miss managed wedding that guest leave cause it just goes on too long and they get bored. By 12 pm the only people that will be left is you and your drunk friends.

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