Do you need wedding rings, even if you’re getting married by court?

May 15th, 2011

Me and my boyfriend are planning to get married by court [and later remarry by church when we have money] and although it seems extremely obvious, we were wondering if we needed to purchase wedding rings, or will it look dumb?

Oh and does anyone know the procedure to court weddings? I know we have to get a marriage license but after that I’m not sure.

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  1. Sels says:

    There’s no law that says you need rings. Do what makes you comfortable now and, if you like, do the ring exchange in church.

  2. Monie Balonie says:

    rings are round for a reason. They go on forever like your love. Therefore the exchange is slightly necessary because it’s a symbol of your promise. Just buy less pricey ones if you need to save the money.

  3. Lisa L says:

    Use your common sense and proceed!!!

    Of course you need wedding rings!!

  4. Yoho says:

    Nothing wrong with buying some 5 dollar rings 🙂 you need them. you can get another one later and keep that 5 dollar one around for memories 🙂

  5. blondietatt04 says:

    You don’t “need” rings.

    It’s nice to have them to remind yourself what you said to each other that day in front of God and everybody.

    You can get less expensive simple bands at Walmart now, and more expensive rings later.

    Either way, it’s your choice.

    And as far as court weddings, it really depends on the state you live in. Perhaps you should visit the court you plan to wed at and ask what the procedure is or what the norm is.

  6. Sakura Ann Marie says:

    Yeah. My friend just got married a couple of weeks ago.
    They have the exchange of vows and rings and the famous kiss the bride.

  7. Butterfly says:

    Having rings is not a necessity. You need to call the court house and find out if you can get married when you pick up the license. If you need to schedule an appt. and want to do it that day then just let them know and they will find a judge for you. If you have 2 people you want to witness, then bring them with you, if not they will find court clerks to sign as witnessees. Congrats.

  8. Trish C says:

    No. My husband and I got married at the court house and we didn’t have rings. No one said anything about it.

  9. Joycee says:

    Only if you want to

  10. valley_girl_lucha says:

    1) No, you don’t have to have rings to get married. A suggestion though… why not purchase silver bands or a really inexpensive pair of rings to wear until the church wedding? Think of how sentimental that will be. They make really cute silver band rings, and those only cost $25-$50 each.

    2) When you go to get your license, you can schedule the actually wedding date that you want to be married by the courthouse judge. You can do an online search for the courthouse in your area that you want to get married in for more info.

    Good luck.

  11. Jeanie says:

    If you are in the USA :
    Rings are not required. They are only symbols of your love and marriage. But not everyone likes rings. There is no law that says you do (I could be wrong) However you can use inexpensive ring bands. You can purchase basic bands at Wal Mart for under $80 for both.

    But its up to you.

    Good Luck ….

  12. adhafera23 says:

    You don’t need rings, for any marriage, its totally up to you. I was married in a court wedding, and before he began the ceremony, the JOP asked if we had rings, and if we wanted him to perform the ring part or not. We did choose to have rings for our marriage.

  13. CBT Princess says:

    you don’t need rings & you just go to the courthouse with enough $ to pay for the license. Call first & find out how much & what their hours are.

  14. KayBee says:

    you don’t have to have them, but even Wal-Mart sells them very cheap!

  15. bandyt says:

    rings are a choice I have been to a Mennonite wedding and they do not wear any jewelry.
    for a court wedding just ask info at the court house when you get your license.

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