Do you need to get engagement rings for a same-sex union?

February 22nd, 2011

I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year now and am thinking about next steps. I know when straight couples get married, the future groom usually gives the future bride an engagement ring when proposing (or at some point during the engagement). Do the same rules apply for same-sex couples? We are both guys, so would it be weird if one of us had a ring and the other didn’t? Do we both need rings? Or do we just wait until the ceremony to exchange rings then (our wedding rings)?

5 Responses to “Do you need to get engagement rings for a same-sex union?”

  1. mathaowny says:

    Technically not all married people have engagement rings anymore.

    How about both of you get matching male wedding bands to wear? It’s up to you if you wait until after the ceremony or do it now.

    Best of luck and happiness to you both, I wish you a long, joyful marriage! Congrats!

  2. The Cuke says:

    I think that’s up to you as a couple.. there shouldn’t be any rules. Maybe you’d like to be the one to propose, and that’s fine. Perhaps do it without a ring.. maybe some other special, small gift to show your love (which needn’t be expensive) and decide together if you’d like to get engagement rings. That way, if you decide to, you both get to take part in the choosing process – both in deciding whether or not to have rings, and if so, which ones to get 🙂

  3. Atokadd says:

    even though your gayy,,
    i would get him a ring anywayss,,
    its still showing your guys togetherness,,
    and then most likely at the ceremony you guys would exchange ringss,,
    but yesss,,
    same sex marriagess do have engagements ringss,,
    so go for itt =]

  4. ariiana says:

    Well if it was me, I would purchase two rings, propose, and then we’d both wear them. However, depending on your budget, and preferences, that is up to you.

  5. CC Newlywed and loving it! says:

    That’s entirely up to you. My wife and I got matching engagement rings, and for wedding bands we got the same style but I got white gold and she got yellow gold. You could get both types of rings as well or just the wedding band. Love and Pride is a nice place to shop for rings (that’s where we got our engagement rings). They have a lot of styles especially for LGBT people and they donate 10% of your purchase to support LGBT equality.

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