Do plus sized brides tend to get mistreated in bridal shops?

July 3rd, 2011

I’m a size 14 and I’m worried about going to buy my dress.. I’ve heard most shops only carry small sizes and some of them treat you badly if you aren’t skinny… I personally think I have a very sexy body and I’m very pretty, but less face facts, I’m adorably chubby and I’m worried they will be a little snooty.

Does anyone have reassurance, advice or experiences to share about this issue?

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  1. Megan says:

    I have bought a dress at a wedding dress shop (not a wedding dress, mind you. But I still had to have it fitted to my bodily specifications, etc). I am a size 10 and the dress I found was actually too big and they were very kind about fitting it to my body. The dress shop should be there to do business for you, not for skinny people. It would be just poor business sense to alienate a portion of the population, that honestly comprises most of the population of the United States. Also, there is more than one dress shop in the world, if one treats you poorly because of your size, take your business elsewhere. Perhaps even inform them of why you are choosing to shop elsewhere, and even threaten a letter to the editor to your local newspaper warning women about their poor service (whether you actually do it is obviously up to you!) But a business is a business, and it’s poor economics to treat customers poorly based upon personal bias.

  2. Perse says:

    I hope you don’t have to face any experience where they make you feel bad about a thing, but it does happen. You could try to prevent anything like this from happening by going to a shop your friends recommend or checking it out before making an appointment, for example, were they rude or nice on the phone? This could help you get the best experience. And, if you don’t have the best experience, don’t let it get you down. It’s not you, it’s them.

  3. Lionchild says:

    No, for the amount of money that you’ll be spending in those stores, they should treat you like royalty.

    Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, the only opinion that should matter to you is that of your own and your husband to be, and judging by the fact that he put that ring on your finger, I’m gonna say he thinks you’re hot.


  4. SeaShells says:

    Well… not carrying plus-size dresses is not the same as “mistreating” a bride. Call ahead & ask if they carry your size. If they don’t, go to a different store. The sales people want their commission– they’ll likely do what they can to help you. They’re not going to tell you that you’re fat or ugly or anything like that. Why would you think that?

    If I can make a suggestion… don’t go to David’s Bridal. That’s where I got my dress. I’m a size 8 and they treated me like crap… ignored me, didn’t give me enough time to pick the “right” dress, wanted me to buy the most expensive things there, regardless of how they looked on me, etc. Then they ordered my dress in the wrong size & had to give me a dirty, stained dress off the rack of “try-on” dresses. It was just bad.

  5. me says:

    there is a place called kleinfeldbridal they have all size dresses that can make any women look absolutly beautiful the only thing is that its in new york…. i wish i could help more

  6. Butterfly Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ says:

    I’ve been to a couple of bridal shops and was never treated badly. All the ones I went to had at least a few dresses in sizes up to 28w. Even if they don’t have a dress that fits you perfectly they can attache closures to it so you can at least see what the style looks like. I would think they would know better than to treat you badly cuz they know you’re not going to buy a dress from them if they do.

  7. Halo Mom says:

    It depends on the dress shop

    I know Kleinfeld Bridal in new york has plus size dresses
    They treat people well, a bit expensive

    Kristie Kelly designs wedding dresses for plus size
    You can google Kristie Kelly

    Calling first and asking about having size 14, will give you the answer

    Most shops should treat you well

  8. My thumb is bigger than yours says:

    I can’t say for myself because I’m not plus sized, but my matron of honor is. (I’m not sure what her size is, but it’s a lot bigger than a 14. I’d guess maybe a 20 or so). When we were looking for dresses for her, we never got any snooty attitude. There was one place that was rude and less than helpful, but they were doing that to everybody so it had nothing to do with size.

    Bridal shops and stores are in it for the money. It’s in their best interest to treat you right. If they don’t they’re not worthy of your business.

  9. Doodlestuff says:

    Call ahead and find out if they carry a generous selection of plus sized dresses to choose from. If not, then contact another store.

    Some stores have a token one or two dresses for plus sized women and that really isn’t the place to go.

  10. Elizabeth S says:

    At a size 14, you should find that almost all designers will carry your size –probably more like an 18 in bridal world. You shouldn’t have a problem finding something you like BUT if you are going to a high dollar store you will have more difficulty. From my experience, most dresses in those stores are a 10 or so.

  11. Lydia says:

    I’m way bigger than you, and was totally treated nicely anywhere I went!
    Don’t worry about it before you go – go in with a happy, wonderful attitude that you are your own beautiful self!

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