Do any of you know about some good wedding planning sites that give good planning tips on that biggest day?

July 2nd, 2011

My sister is so impatient and easy to get upset, so she is stressing herself out trying to plan for her big day next year. I want to give her as much help as possible, so do any of you know of any websites where she can get ideas about caterers in her area, wedding venues, dresses and decorations? She lives in Raleigh, NC USA and has been online and in the phone book calling folks up. She is hoping to find one of those people that can do the wedding venue, catering/serving, decorations for one price. When I got married 12 years ago, a lot of places offered this, but since the economy is like it is now and everyone is out for money, she’s finding that a lot of folks like to nickel and dime you for everything and not a lot of them are offering packages like what I was able to get so long ago!

6 Responses to “Do any of you know about some good wedding planning sites that give good planning tips on that biggest day?”

  1. Bdnkadnk says: is a good one.
    Weddings are big business. Just tell her she can ask for a deal and if people aren’t willing to work with her she can tell them no. The key to this strategy is being willing to walk away and/or not revealing your desire or attachment to the product(s) they show you.

  2. Kaper says:
    It has tons of resources including local disucssions boards, articles, checklist, budget, etc.

  3. Tista says: .

  4. Bridgets Blind says:
    Try going to a CountryClub…they have package deals too

  5. Because I Said So says:

    Tell her to sign up on It gives you a huge checklist organized by date so she knows what she has to accomplish each week. She can also search for vendors on there and read reviews from other brides so she knows who the good caterers are.

  6. Wedding Expert says: -( great planning tools, ( – reviews on all types of wedding vendors from brides ( Tons of used and discounted wedding items. It’s like Craigslist for wedding stuff.

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