Death of Osama Bin Laden: Was Obama reckless to order the attack directly after the UK Royal Wedding?

July 5th, 2011

The UK Royal wedding drew a global audience of over 2 billion viewers, with main TV networks in most countries covering the event. Obama has known for some time that Bin Laden has been in Pakistan for some time, and indeed UK PM David Cameron has been in trouble recently by saying that the Pakistan government was not doing enough to deal with terrorists within its boarders. People now view this as evidence that something was known of Bin Laden’s whereabouts.

Bin Laden has already lived in this compound for five years and it doesn’t look like he was going anywhere immediately. Obama said that he decided to organize the strike against him “because he decided [he] had enough intelligence to take action” this weekend – in other words, there was no immediate reason to do anything specifically at that time – the action was NOT time critical, and what does ‘enough’ mean in this context, especially when he wasn’t 100% certain that is where Osama was at the time? The media are also reporting that Muslim militants are guaranteed to take action in retaliation for these actions – the CIA have said that they will “almost certainly” plan some major atrocity, and who is the most high profile person available for this at the moment who would really make their point to the West? Already the UK PM has raised our national threat level and Prince William and his wife have postponed their honeymoon. Prince William was supposed to be going on holiday in the India Ocean (i.e. close to Pakistan), and now the Government has suggested that he will have to go on military service overseas in a remote area (again – this would suggest efforts are being made to protect him). As the Intelligence agencies can pick up Muslim ‘chatter’ on the internet, I think Obama knew exactly what type of treat he was creating for the Royal family. Is this because he hates the British, which has been widely reported?
It is often reported that Obama hates the British because his father was a Kenyan, and Kenya used to be a British colony.

This is why some people think that while Obama bows to non-British royalty as heads of State, he does not to this to the Queen. In fact, his wife went out of her way to breach State protocol by touching the Queen and putting her arm around her in public last time they met. Anyone who meets the Queen is given a briefing on how to behave, so Michelle knew exactly what she was doing. If you don’t like it, don’t agree to meet with the Queen. Insulting a nation’s long-held traditions just because you can says something very odd about you. If the Queen visited America and blew her nose on your flag on TV you would also get upset.

7 Responses to “Death of Osama Bin Laden: Was Obama reckless to order the attack directly after the UK Royal Wedding?”

  1. Ashley says:

    Yes, it’s a big conspiracy to take away your glory.

  2. Kara Lane says:

    ur reading 2 much into this. They’ve had osama for about a week. maybe they did it because they were expecting an attack on the royal wedding. and wanted to protect the british

  3. Louisa says:

    Well, had he done it before the wedding, yes, it would be severely reckless.

    This is probably while he acted afterwards, timing is a key factor. He couldn’t of left it very long because if Osama was given word that the US were onto him, he would of uprooted quickly and they’d be right back at square one.

    It was obviously important that they acted this weekend and if anything, Obama deliberately kept it so action was taken after the Royal Wedding – 1) as not to show it up 2) to ensure that there was less of a threat on the day.

    Obama could have prejudices against the British, for all I know he does, but he’d be very foolish to offer his only strong ally as bait to the beast.

  4. Charmed says:

    Oh sure. We waited for exactly this moment to go after bin Laden because of Obamas intense hatred for the British. In fact, I’m sure he was so angry about not being invited to the wedding, he selected just this day to kill bin Laden, just to create a threat for the Royals.


  5. Speed°Madness°Flying Saucers says:

    The hollow wedding provided a perfect distraction. Unfortunately for the Royal Newlyweds, or whatever they’re called now, this intelligence about this operation began flowing last 8/2010.

    It never ceases to astonish me what one finds on Y!A!.

    *Edit 1*
    Yeah, well it’s often reported that the British hate the Americans, so go firgure!

  6. clayjar_azn says:

    Face to palm.

    The world does not revolve around the royal family. If bin Laden realizes the US are on to him, he will disappear back into the mountains again. They had to act fact.

  7. James says:

    I dont think bin laden was killed to annoy England lol, and Madge has more class than to blow her nose on a flag

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