Custom Glassware for Weddings?

October 25th, 2010

I’m getting married early next year and my fiance is already getting on me about planning this thing. We plan on having around 300 guests, and want to get custom printed shot glasses and personalized champagne flutes. I’ve done about 10 minutes of research, and it seems like this site is pretty good, but I can’t find any reviews. Has anyone used them before? I have like 2 jobs and I really don’t want to mess this up. Thanks

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  1. seamstress says:

    Your enthusiasm is underwhelming as you say “…getting on me about planning this thing”. WHAT? Your wedding is “this thing”?? YIKES.

    I think you better order the glasses at the place you found because early next year is about 15 weeks away from “this thing”. Also called your wedding.

  2. Kristie R says:

    I have never used but I know a site that does custom candles. They do custom candles for wedding, baptisms, and well personalized candles for any occasion. You can pick the fragrance and color. Check them out.

  3. just me! says:

    congrats on your upcoming wedding but sweetie with a guest list of 300 you really do need to get serious about planning your wedding day.
    i don’t care for favours and they do seem to be finally going out of style – thank goodness! instead of favors and all the work of research, ordering, wrapping etc why not consider using that money to make a donation to a charity close to your heart, whether it be cancer, heart/stroke, humane society, etc. you could make the donation in honor of your wedding.
    more and more couples are doing this and it is a huge hit with wedding guests. we are all so tired of votives, shot glasses, picture frames, wedding music c.d.s, soaps, coasters, coffee mugs, cookies, hot chocolate, wine glasses, etc. i dare so most favors end up in the garbage – monumental waste of time, effort and money on the b.t.b./grooms part. its much easier and far less time to simply pick up the phone and make a donation. no one except you and the charity knows how much you’ve donated, you get a receipt for income tax purposes, and it takes less than fifteen minutes of your time.
    good luck and happy wedding sweetie!

  4. intrafusion says:

    You have 2 ways that you can go for both shot glasses or champagne flutes.
    1) Engraved
    2) Screen printed

    For around 300 guests, I would suggest getting screen printed shot glasses since you will probably put the same picture and names on each of them. People tend to fill them with M&M’s or other small candies and put them out for each guest.

    For champagne flutes, they typically arent given out to each guest. They are more fragile and tend to only be given to the bridal party, or family of the bride and groom. Most people would put the same image on the front of each glass and then personalize the back of the glass with the name of the person and their title, like Jill/Bridemaid, Jack/Best Man, etc….

    With screen printing there is a lot of setup and generally you dont have the ability to personalize each glass, so you get that engraved.

    Here is a link to a place that you can work with for engraved glasses:

    I’ve worked with them before. They use high quality glassware, they are fast, accomodating and priced right. I believe they also do screen printed shot glasses too.

    If you go with screen printing leave about 30-45 days for artwork and proofs, production and shipping.

    If you go with engraving, leave about 7-14 days for artwork, proofs, production and shipping.

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