Crazy Colorful Sexy Shoes?

June 27th, 2011

I am in a upcomming wedding and the bride wants all of the bridesmaids to get crazy shoes to go with our dresses for pictures. I need to know of some website to find them… ive found afew that I like but not “THE” shoe =)

oh, and i have already tried victoriasecret, journey, and payless.


10 Responses to “Crazy Colorful Sexy Shoes?”

  1. ecnn23 says:

    try dsw, they have tons of shoes

  2. cottoncandiestar says:

    most of those sites you can look by style & color

  3. chocolate cake is yummy says:

    what about fredericks of hollywood website…….

  4. whammy says:

    Try this site…you can custom dye and theyre pretty renowned

  5. huxley says:

    you know, you can always buy a plain shoe and add your own creations to it and make it unique.

  6. gnarledbranches says:

    My absolute favorite shoe website?

    You can browse by style, color, every category!

    It’s really user friendly too, much more so than zappos.

  7. alice d says:

    Aldo shoes
    NIne west

    hope it helps

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