Cost cutting for wedding: How to make sure wildflowers are bug-free?

July 8th, 2011

We are on a tight budget for our wedding and so I will be doing a lot of DIY projects. we are planning well in advance in order to save ourselves some money by doing a lot of the work. our wedding will be in June 2012. I live in New Brunswick, Canada and during the month of June most open fields are full of Lupins. They range in colors from white to purple to pinks and blues (all different shades) and im thinking it would be beautiful to do my own floral arrangements (ceremony decorations, bouquets, boutonnieres, centrepieces, reception decorations) using these flowers and adding a bit of (fake or real – havent decided) greenery to fancy is up. as i mentioned, they grow in almost every open field during that month so they’re FREE but my biggest concern is that there could be bugs in them. what could i do to ensure no bugs will make it from the flowers onto my guest’s tables?

once they bloom this year, im going to experiment so I can find out what will work for next year at the wedding (how long they last before they wilt, getting rid of any bugs, etc.) so i have time to try different methods.

3 Responses to “Cost cutting for wedding: How to make sure wildflowers are bug-free?”

  1. arizonakal says:

    I think your plan is a good one. You can get answers to all your qestions this year. You might consider rinsing all your flowers before you take them indoors. I think just dunking them in water after you cut them should be enough. Also, look up Lupines on the internet to find out abaout Lupines in floral arrangements. Good luck!!

  2. planner says:

    there are two ways to de-bug flowers

    set your hair dryer to blow with no heat and gently blow them off or rinse them or submerse them in water. rinsing submersing them in water will help them last longer as well.

  3. Yo' Mama says:

    The trouble with wildflowers is they tend to wilt very quickly when they’re cut and put in a vase. Have a bucket of water with you when you pick the flowers and use sharp scissors to trim the stems under water. Try to pick them the day before the wedding. There is not guarantee that they won’t have bugs so keep your buckets of wild flowers in the garage for the day beforehand just to be sure.

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