Can you plan a wedding and make everyone happy?

October 16th, 2010

I have been engaged since this past summer. I recently started planning our wedding. On my fiance’s side, there has already been some let downs. First, his godparents (who are also friends of the family’s) son got engaged. We were told that they were planning a wedding around 10-10-10 (one of the reasons I quickly threw the date out). I wanted an October wedding, but the only dates the church had available were 10-23 and 9-25. I am always sick in October (Flu’s start and I have bad allergies) so we went with 9-25. NOW, his godparents son is getting married that day (no one told me!) We already booked everything but his parents are a little upset bc they cant go to his wedding, and my fiances godparents cant come to his. Also, when planning an October wedding, there was a date where one of his aunts cant make it. Also, my fiance sister was mad we wanted an Ocotber wedding because it was her “dream” month. I dont even care that month, I just didnt want a summer or winter wedding and Spring would be waiting another year. I just feel like its IMPOSSIBLE to comply with everyones needs and I feel bad about it. I just realize I need to learn to deal with it…any tips??
*care that much

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  1. BJS Fan says:

    No possible way you can make everyone happy.

  2. Leah says:

    “I Wish.. I had that problem! But to answer your question NO

  3. Blunt says:

    It’s impossible to please everyone, if you try, you will drive yourself crazy.

    Announce the date YOU want and forget about everyone’s birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitvahz, dream dates etc. The people that care enought to come, will attend.

    Good luck

  4. Sophiesmama says:

    You cannot worry about pleasing everyone, it will never happen. If people tell you they can’t make your wedding, tell them you are sorry they cannot make it but you understand that some people have other obligations and you leave it at that. Do not let comments from others put a damper on your special day.

  5. Sunidaze says:

    The more you try to make other people happy, the more you yourself will be unhappy. When my husband and I set our date, we did it with no one else in mind…just what we wanted. We wanted to make sure we scheduled it before the start of college football season, because we’re both football fans as our many of our friends and we dread going to weddings scheduled in the fall because of this. We set our date, and if someone couldn’t make it that was their problem not ours.

  6. Weddingzilla says:

    No, you’ll never make anyone happy ever. Don’t bother trying…as long as you and your fiance agree, its all that matters.

    Once you’ve booked everything, its going to cost you your deposits unless they are willing to transfer it. Its going to be a big hassle. What is to say something else won’t compete with your date? Once you have your details in place, its set. Stick with your original wedding date and let everyone else work out where they want to go.

    My best friend and my sister got married on the same day. I missed my best friends wedding, but that’s life. Sometimes things just happen. She’s still my best friend.

    Tell everyone to suck it up and go on with you original plans. If you need more advice, check this out:

  7. Tricia R says:

    Okay, I have been married for a long time, and my husband and I have been contributors toward the weddings of two of our children. Here’s my feeling on the subject. Everything is to be decided by the bride and groom with no apologies to anyone else, however – big exception for those who are paying for things. For example – bridesmaids who are paying for their dresses should be allowed to vote on the style or choose a style with a color chosen by the bride.
    If the brides’ parents are paying for the reception, their opinions on venue and food should be taken into consideration, and if there is a conflict, the bride and groom should give in or keep looking for new possibilities until the people who are paying can be made happy.
    If the groom’s parents are paying for the rehearsal dinner – they choose.
    That’s my opinion.

  8. 11/25/04 says:

    making everyone happy….Impossible love.There will always be someone having a problem with something.I allready have one guest complaining about the food we will be serving(Brisket) and some of the music we will be playing(spanish) all because he can’t understand it.

  9. HavinFun says:

    It’s impossible to make everyone happy. Just make you and your future hubby happy. Just put your foot down and tell those people that what you are doing is what you are doing, and that’s the end of it.

  10. mrsbtobe + mom2be June 2010 says:

    If you have a small wedding, people are going to think it’s weird and be offended. If you have a large wedding, it will create more drama for people to piss about.

    I suggest you just breathe, ignore bitchy people and try to remember why this is all happening – because you were lucky enough to find the love of your life, and you are celebrating it in front of your family and friends.

    Best of luck

  11. iloveweddings says:

    Stick with your date, unless you want to move it up more in mid-September.

    To answer your question: NO, you cannot make everyone happy. Just pick a date and stick with it.

    If you pick summer…chances are someone’s “vacation plans” will come into being a problem. Nothing you can do. Either stick with your date or move it up one more week…but that would be IT! What is planned is planned…..whomever can make it will…whomever can’t…oh well!

  12. trippentammy says:

    There’s never anyway to make everyone happy.
    It’s your wedding.
    Do what you want!

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